HEALING WITH QIGONG: A Sept. 11 New York Firefighter Shares His Story of Qigong’s Healing Power


by Jonathan Henderson

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeff Primack’s Qi Revolution events have had a profound impact on many lives. Primack provided the following story, written by former New York Firefighter Jonathan Henderson, who was present at the World Trade Towers site on Sept. 11, 2001, and worked 12-hour shifts at the site for 30 days after the towers collapsed. His story is testimony to the healing power of Qigong. The story and photos are shared with Henderson’s permission. Because of the benefits Henderson and other first responders and veterans have received from Qigong, Primack is making his Qi Revolution event in Austin Aug. 26-28 free for firefighters and veterans.

My lungs and sinuses suffered major damage at the Trade Towers site, and everything from hearing loss to depression set in, which caused me to balloon to more than 300 pounds. At a funeral for a firefighter who died of Sept. 11-related lung cancer, I looked around at the low turnout and mentioned my disappointment to our Lieutenant. Looking at the small number of firefighters attending, he said, “I’ll show up for your funeral.” I turned and said, “I’ll show up for yours too, pal.” Seeing that we were a dying breed, and seeing the mishandling of healthcare for firefighters impacted by Sept. 11, I became motivated to find natural solutions to improve my health.

During a spiritual vision, I saw my healthy self on a beach practicing a slow-moving martial art, having had no prior knowledge of Qigong. I moved to San Diego to help rediscover the healthiest version of myself, and I ate organic foods and smoothies. I removed toxic food and people from my life for a two-year sabbatical to get well. I was led to a mind-body studio and attended powerful Qigong classes. During a “Breath Empowerment” my lungs never felt so big! My ribcage expanded, and I felt real energy surge through me like nothing I had ever known. I was buzzing for days after.

The studio was promoting a big seminar called “Qi Revolution,” and I attended based on their suggestion. Initially I felt out of place with what seemed like mostly New Age “woo-woo” people in attendance. But, when I did the practices with hundreds of others, it felt even more powerful than what I had experienced with my small group. Pressing on Qi, concentrating on breath and moving slowly had a great effect on me and most everyone else in attendance. I found that my Qigong practice slowed my overly active New Yorker mind, allowing me to focus on giving my body and soul some long overdue healing energy.

Sept. 11 anniversaries are emotional for those connected. On Sept. 11, 2013, I was with San Diego FDNY retirees aboard the USS Midway reading names of rescue workers and flight crews lost 12 years earlier. That morning, I woke up and went to the beach and did Supreme Science Qigong Level-1 healing form with a rising sun. I did it by myself, for myself, for the first time ever, and I felt energy pulsing and surging all around me. It was my spiritual vision in real life. This morning Qigong practice made the most difficult day of the year easier somehow and gave me peace and calmness that remains with me now.

Since finding and practicing Qigong, I’ve not taken addictive prescriptions and I’ve had tremendous results with food-based healing. I have lost 80 pounds, and my lung capacity shows significant improvement. Everyone can help themselves with Qigong, especially my firefighter family. I am living proof that anyone seeking improved physical health, specifically better lung capacity, will benefit greatly from the Qi Revolution seminar.

Jeff Primack’s 2016 Qi Revolution will take place in the Austin Convention Center Aug. 26-28. The event is $99 for two full days and one evening of training. The event is open to the public. Firefighters and veterans are admitted free of charge. For more information, call 800-298-8970 or visit www.QiRevolution.com. See display ad on the back cover.

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