Healing Through Quantum-Touch: Non-Invasive Energy Healing Provides Relief and is Easy to Learn by Frank Detrick

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You may have heard the phrase “Quantum-Touch,” but what exactly is it? In a nutshell, Quantum-Touch is an alternative form of energy healing that works at the cellular level to allow a person’s body to heal itself. Unlike mainstream medical practice that often points patients to prescription medication to relieve symptoms and promote healing, alternative methods of healing work with the body’s natural intelligence to holistically balance and restore health. Quantum-Touch is one energy modality that provides a holistic, alternative approach to body balancing and healing.

Quantum-Touch is a relatively young modality, developed by Richard Gordon in the last 40 years. Energy therapy is not new, but certain techniques involved make QT a unique, effective holistic approach. Quantum-Touch works at the cellular level to raise a person’s vibrations, allowing the body to heal itself. The non-invasive healing technique works not only on people, but animals as well. It typically involves simple exercises such as sweeping energy up the body and out the hands combined with certain breathing techniques. A practitioner will use only the lightest touch with a focused intention during the session to accelerate the healing process.

The benefits of a QT session are many, including reduction of pain and/or inflammation. As the parents of an adventurous 2-year-old, my wife and I (we are both certified energy practitioners) have had many opportunities lately to witness this. Like many toddlers, our son has had some painful falls, bumps and injuries. After using QT energy on him, we can both attest to how fast swelling can be reduced. Sometimes bruises that would normally take a week or two to fade disappear within days.

This energy modality also helps to realign bones, such as the hips, shoulders and occipital ridge. This restructuring can help restore the body to its natural state. QT also helps reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety. Mood swings can be leveled out. Emotional issues can be addressed, allowing a person to feel at peace. I recently worked on a gentleman who had severe depression. After an hour and 20-minute session, the client literally jumped up off the table. He was happy, smiling – a new man.

As a QT practitioner works, most clients will feel a warming sensation on the targeted area, which is produced by their body as it works to heal itself. Sometimes, vibrations are experienced or even a tingling. It is also perfectly normal to notice nothing at all, but after a session, you will mostly likely feel as if you just had a relaxing massage. Many clients report a great night’s sleep after a session.

I am sometimes asked whether a person must believe in QT or energy healing for it to work. My response is it does not matter. The healing will take place whether the individual believes it will work or not. Sometimes the benefits are not felt immediately, but the energy will continue to balance the body and improve health conditions for at least three days. Not only does QT energy therapy work, it’s also easy to learn. Anyone can be a QT practitioner, no matter their ability or how well they see and perceive energy. Even if you have no intention of becoming a certified practitioner, learning this valuable technique will enable you to provide healing comfort and relief to your family. As the only QT instructor in San Antonio, I teach Level I classes on a regular basis, and I would love to share the healing power of QT with you.

Frank Detrick is a Quantum-Touch instructor and practitioner and also a Reiki master/teacher. He and his wife Becky, who is also a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner, own Grounded Monkey, a local business focused on helping people heal themselves naturally. The Detricks are hosting a Quantum-Touch Training and Certification Retreat at the Silver Spur Ranch in Bandera June 14-16. For more information about the retreat or about Quantum-Touch, visit www.groundedmonkey.com or call 210-445-4005.

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