Healing Hula – Ancient Hawaiian Dance Sooths Body, Soul

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On June 23 Loka Studios welcomes Ka’ipo Park, director and founder of Healing Hula and Chanting, for a morning filled with the essence of Hawaii. In this free workshop, Ka’ipo will share her knowledge of Hawaiian dance, which integrates poetry, movement and rhythm.

In Healing Hula and Chanting, the ancient and sacred ceremonial forms of hula dancing and Hawaiian philosophy are integrated to create a unique movement experience. Participants are guided to create connections with their heartbeat, the gifts of nature and the aura that surrounds their physical presence. These connections seek to create healing for the mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and sensual lifelines.

“Healing Hula is something that needs to be experienced in order to be appreciated,” Ka’ipo says. “To the physical eye, Healing Hula is a hula class. To the soul, it is a venue to vibrate joy.” The workshop will run from 9:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. and will begin with a warm-up followed by chanting, hula steps and basics, choreography, and will end with meditation.

For more information visit www.healinghula.com or email kaipo@healinghula.com. For information about Loka Studios, located at 11817 FM 2252, visit www.loka-studios.com.

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