FOOT REFLEXOLOGY: Ancient Therapeutic Practice Provides Health, Healing Through Your Feet


EDITOR’S NOTE: There are a growing number of places in San Antonio where you can enjoy the relaxation and health benefits of foot reflexology. We asked Julia Jin, general manager of Taichi Wellness Spa Plus, to share her Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to foot reflexology, which is offered at the four Taichi Wellness Spa Plus locations.

What is foot reflexology?

Foot reflexology is directly connected to the ancient practice used for thousands of years in Japan, China and Korea. It is based on the Eastern medicine belief that energetic pathways run through our bodies like super highways. These pathways are called meridians. Along these pathways are acupoints, and stimulation of these points can affect the entire meridian and help restore balance and wellness to entire organ systems. Through foot reflexology, we are able to stimulate acupoints in the feet that provide relief and balance to organ systems throughout the body.

Why do you focus on feet?

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that there are several different reflexology regions in the body. These include the feet, hands, back, scalp, ear and chest, to name a few. We call the feet the “second heart.” A reflexology practitioner can assess issues with your age and your health though your feet, and he or she can work with the many acupoints in your feet to reduce the buildup of stress, achieve meridian balance, help prevent disease and promote wellness throughout the body.

Why do you include an herbal soak?

Half of the body’s major meridians originate from the feet, and a herbal soak for the feet can help with disease prevention and can promote better circulation of these important meridians. There are many herbs designed to help relax and tonify the meridians. Herbal soaks and baths are major treatment methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The medicinal aspects of the natural herbs are absorbed into the body and transported by meridians to different organ systems.

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