FINDING FREEDOM: Discover Your Inner Ability to Experience Freedom Anywhere


by Melinda Gates

I needed an MRI a few weeks ago for some chronic back issues, requiring me to be in a completely enclosed tube for about 25 minutes. As I was moved into the tube, eyes open and aware, I panicked. Swept away by the intensely captivating and suffocating “reality” of the experience, my fear and anxiety skyrocketed. Within seconds, I told the technician I needed to get out NOW; thankfully, he responded quickly.

He wisely suggested that it might help to cover my eyes. I calmed myself down and gave the okay for try No. 2, this time with eyes closed and blindfolded.

Have you ever felt trapped by fears, assumptions, thoughts or beliefs? It’s easy to fall under the spell of the physical world. What if these struggles were your invitation to reclaim freedom and power?

True freedom, power and peace come with the recognition that outer, physical-world experiences are determined by inner intention and attention. That means you get to choose how you respond to what is showing up in your life. Reality is simply what you happen to be focusing on right now. It behooves us to choose our focus carefully.

I had a choice to make as a slid back into the MRI tube. With my eyes covered, I noticed there was enough space in my inner world to choose a response. I did not have to be trapped by my physical confinement, or my story about it.

Knowing that I had to be as deliberate as I’d ever been with my focus, I became intensely present. My panic was just below the surface; I could not be sloppy.

As soon as the smallest wave of “oh no, I’m trapped” started to form, I gently reoriented my attention. I distracted myself with pleasant memories and exciting plans. I counted blessings and filled my heart with gratitude. When I felt twinges of anxiety, I simply felt the sensations without going into any mindstory about why I was feeling them. They softened. I breathed.

Buoyed by a growing spaciousness, I was able to relax. I knew I couldn’t be any less deliberate or mindful; if a single, panicky wave swelled, I could drown. But this wasn’t work. It was simply me, in this moment, choosing to be mindful and deliberate.

And inside that tube, I soared. What an incredible opportunity to reclaim my power – and freedom! In this microcosm, my true identity was confirmed. As I slid out of the tube 25 minutes later, I knew myself as a powerful creator.

Sometimes we simply need to don our metaphorical blinders and deliberately turn away from things that feel bad, focusing instead on things that feel better.

Whatever is going on in your life, no matter how “real” it feels, you can always tell a better story. As you choose to focus on things that bring even the slightest relief, you create a win/win situation. You feel better in the moment, and, from that better-feeling space, your experience of the outer world shifts.

Melinda Gates is the owner of Awakening to Yes Bodywork, Coaching and Counseling in San Antonio. Her passion is helping people move from struggle to freedom, one conscious choice at a time. She has been a Rosen Method Bodywork™ practitioner since 1998. In 2013 she was initiated to transmit Grace as a Divine Openings™ Guide. For information, email or visit

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