Fighting and Preventing Viruses with Essential Oils


by Ashley Stone

Silent, invisible and sometimes deadly viruses invade your body in a way that is often out of your control. The modern medical approach to viruses is to promote protection from viruses (like the flu) with a vaccine or to treat viral symptoms with a variety of medications, which can ultimately suppress or undermine your immune system. Once you understand what a virus is, what its goal is and how it mutates in the body, you will recognize that you have more options to effectively eliminate viruses from your body.

Viral Attack

Viruses are not able to reproduce on their own. Viruses flourish in your body by hijacking the metabolism and machinery of a cell to produce a copy of itself. Once a virus has gained access to your cell, depending on the type of cell, one of two things happen:

  • Either the virus uses your cell’s resources to replicate itself many times over before it breaks the cell open (lysed) so that the new virus can infect new undamaged cells; this process damages and kills healthy cells.
  • Or the virus incorporates itself into your DNA at the cellular level, which allows the mutation to pass to daughter cells that are reproduced by the cell. The daughter cell will pass on this mutation to its daughter cells. Once multiple copies have been produced, the cell is lysed.

Preying on Weak Cells

Viruses are hard to kill because they are not exactly alive. They exist and reproduce inside a host cell. A virus that causes the common cold or the flu is not necessarily very dangerous; it will target weak cells that are already damaged due to waste products and toxins. When our bodies are in a constant state of toxic assault and stress from the environment, the immune system and cells become weak, creating a prime opportunity for viral attack.

Some viruses can ultimately lead to chronic degenerative disease states within the body. Herpes, for instance, affects 90 percent of adults. It very effectively and quickly damages the nervous system and can result in persistent nerve pain and degenerative issues like Bells’ Palsy and other disorders where neuralgia pain is associated. Shingles, meningitis, encephalitis, Alzheimer’s and cervical cancer are all associated with the herpes virus.

Fighting Back

While you may have the impression that you cannot rid your body of a virus, studies are showing the opposite is true. Studies at the Technical University of Munich reported that applications of melissa essential oil caused a complete remission of herpes. A single drop was applied directly on the area a few times a day to speed healing, and following this protocol prevented further outbreaks in a significant portion of study participants.

Some studies have shown that essential oils have the ability to attack viruses inside the host cell and even stimulate the immune system. You can use oils on a daily basis to not only protect and prevent illness from viruses but also to help correct cellular function that has been corrupted by viruses. Oils that have been studied for their viral control properties include basil, cassia, cinnamon, eucalyptus, frankincense, lemon, lemongrass, marjoram, melaleuca, myrrh, oregano and thyme.

AshleyStone_2Ashley Stone is a nutrition and health coach who promotes the use of doTERRA products to restore health, recover from deficiencies and address disease. She is a master herbalist of 20 years and healed herself of stage 3 cervical cancer 15 years ago. For more information, visit or call 210-843- 5179.

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