Enjoy the Movement and Breath Weekend Workshop at The Synergy Studio, April 10-12

Adelle Brownlee Brewer

Breath and body movement are simple, yet profound ways to improve the body’s natural healing capacity and increase awareness for optimal moment-to-moment living. The Movement and Breath weekend workshop takes place April 10-12 at The Synergy Studio and provides an introduction to the three levels of Transformational Breath, the science of movement and breath and the experience of movement to enhance the breath.

The workshop also includes four powerful breathing sessions. ……The workshop will be taught by Adelle Brownlee Brewer, a certified Transformational Breath facilitator and trainer.

Synergy_StudioThe Synergy Studio is located at 300 E. Grayson, #100. Cost for the program is $350. For more information and to register, visit www.thesynergystudio.com or call 210-824-4225.

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