Enjoy Aerial Yoga at The Synergy Studio Starting Oct. 5


If you love yoga and also enjoy swinging in a hammock, you’re going to love aerial yoga. Aerial Yoga of San Antonio is offering a six-week intro workshop at The Synergy Studio. This new type of yoga uses a circus hammock (think Cirque du Soleil) to help students move into traditional yoga postures with more ease and fluidity.

By using the hammock and the resistance of one’s own body weight, muscles are challenged in a way unique to aerial yoga.

During the workshop, you’ll learn conditioning moves that will work your core and back and allow you to feel your full range of motion. The hammock will also allow you to stretch your muscles in new ways and provide an antidote to the culture of driving and cubicle sitting. You’ll also flip upside down, giving you a new perspective, as well as decompress your spine and strengthen surrounding muscles. At the end of each class, enjoy a relaxation pose fully supported within the hammock.

Classes run from 7-8 p.m. at The Synergy Studio and start on Oct. 5. The workshop series continues each Sunday through Nov. 16 (no class Nov. 9). For more information visit www.aerialyogasa.com. For more information about The Synergy Studio, visit www.thesynergystudio.com.

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