Enhance Your Yoga Practice with Essential Oils


Both essential oils and yoga have the ability to enhance your well-being and enable your mind and spirit to soar. Why not put the two together? There are lots of reasons why you should consider incorporating pure essential oils into your regular yoga practice. The highest quality essential oils have the ability to bring the body-mind-spirit system into a state of homeostasis, and the right aroma can boost bodily healing, reduce stress and enhance your yoga experience.

Aromatic compounds—found in plant seeds, bark, stems, roots, and flowers—have earned respect for their ability to relieve sore muscles, enhance emotional and mental support, and support mental, spiritual well-being.


In yoga, we can incorporate oils that provide fuel for our minds and support our practice. These are great additions to room sprays or diffusers:

Frankincense – Known for its ability to help the brain, this oil helps to diffuse cloudy thinking and support memory.

Bergamot – This oil can help ease the transition from the workday to an after-work class.


Essential oils provide soothing relief to sore muscles after a rigorous yoga practice. These oils can help you focus and preserve your ability to sustain long poses; they can also help you manage core temperature:

Ginger – Renowned for its ability to warm the body, ginger oil is soothing to muscle tissue and can be added to fractionated coconut oil to massage overworked areas.

Peppermint – Peppermint oil naturally reduces body temperature, enhances breath work and supports endurance. Create a spray by adding it to water and use on feet or body.


Essential oils historically have been used in meditation and for spiritual practice because they help transport you to a place that is ethereal. As you prepare for your practice, incorporate these essential oils known for their meditative effects:

Sandalwood – Historically associated with religious and spiritual traditions, sandlewood oil calms the mind and prepares you for meditation.

Arborvitae – This oil teaches that divinity is all around and invites feelings of peace and trust in divine grace.

Ways to Incorporate Oils

There are several ways to include essential oils in your yoga practice:

Diffusing: Use an ultasonic fine mist diffuser for a cost-effective way to release the aromatic benefits into the air.

Purifying: Essential oils can be used to purify and cleanse your yoga space, yoga mat, chairs and clothes. Try pairing a citrus oil (lemon, orange or grapefruit) with clove, thyme or eucalyptus.

Anointing: The power of touch can be enhanced with essential oils. Using oils topically at the beginning of your session can infuse energy, prepare the muscles, calm the mind and enhance your connection to Spirit source.

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