Energy Healing Practitioners Harness Your Body’s Power to Heal Itself


by Becky Detrick

Surprisingly, many people today know little or nothing about energy healing. This natural approach to health helps people heal themselves. It’s incredibly easy to learn, and the benefits of a session are many.

Balancing the Body’s Energy

To function at peak performance, the body’s energy fields need to be in balance. Imbalances and energy blockages can be caused by physical, emotional, chemical or environmental stressors. A practitioner may need to add energy in or take energy out, depending on a client’s current needs. For example, inflammation, which is a health concern for many, would require some energy to be removed first to allow the body to relax in the area afflicted and energy to flow properly. Then, the body’s vibrations would be raised throughout so self-healing can naturally occur.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy healing benefits a person or animal physically and emotionally. After being raised to a higher vibrational level, the body can relax. You will feel less stressed and more grounded after a session. Bones out of place realign themselves naturally. Pain and inflammation are reduced or eliminated, and healing will accelerate, shortening your recovery.

People want to know if their specific health problem will respond to this alternative to medicine. Energy healing has the ability to work on all issues because the client is doing their own healing by allowing his or her body to heal itself. Blood pressure can be normalized. If you have diabetes, your blood sugar can be leveled out. Those with fibromyalgia can find relief from the constant pain. Back pain can be alleviated once energy is flowing properly. Eye problems can be corrected and eyesight improved. Athletes can quicken their healing time from sports injuries. Energy healing has no limits.

How it Works

When a practitioner is working on a client, he or she is using techniques learned during certification training. Some will use a meditative state to balance the energy fields. They will use intention to flow energy from practitioner to client. Other modalities combine specific breathing and body awareness exercises with intention of energy flow to raise the client’s vibrations or remove excess energy in areas.

Most people will find pain reduced or gone immediately after a session, but the energy healing continues to work for at least 72 hours. This provides relief and improvement for several days.

GroundedMonkey_logoBecky and Frank Detrick founded Grounded Monkey to provide clients with multiple healing modalities and products. Becky created Energy Yoga, combining energy healing techniques with traditional yoga exercises that allow participants to de-stress, stretch and reduce their pain during class. Frank is an instructor of several energy therapies and is an approved CNE and CE provider. To learn more or schedule a session, visit or call 210-867-0251.

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