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This past summer Efficient Exercise opened its doors in the Stone Oak area, not far from the new Whole Foods Vineyard location on Blanco. After more than a decade crafting muscle-busting, heart-pumping 30-minute workouts for busy Austinites, the San Antonio studio is Efficient Exercise’s first foray outside the Austin market. We asked founder and CEO Mark Alexander to introduce NA readers to the Efficient Exercise experience.

Give us a quick introduction to Efficient Exercise – what is your “elevator speech” about what you do?

Efficient Exercise offers highly effective fitness training services for people who value their time. The workouts are 30 minutes – period. This ensures a beneficial experience for the client while not interfering with life’s busy scheduling demands.

Why does a successful Austin fitness business expand to the San Antonio market?

Efficient Exercise started in 2001 in Austin, and today we have three studios in that market. When I started out, I learned pretty quickly that the mission for the business was bigger than me, so I set out to recruit and train the best team possible. We’ve had a dream for a while to grow outside the confines of Austin. San Antonio is a fantastic market that is clearly moving in the right direction when it comes to fitness and wellness, and it is close enough to Austin for us to transplant our business model into a new community. Keith Norris, our regional manager, is a former Clark High School football standout, and we’ve hired 30-year resident and longtime personal trainer Nancy Flater to help us grow our San Antonio clientele. We’re on a mission to help San Antonio boost its fitness profile!

The local market of fitness and exercise businesses has exploded in San Antonio the past 3-5 years. What sets Efficient Exercise apart?

Efficient Exercise leverages proprietary technology and decades of experience in the fitness and exercise industry to significantly differentiate the service and the results our clients receive. Our programs are research-based, never giving in to the latest exercise trend or fad. We assess each individual’s needs and program accordingly. It’s a model that works, for our business and our clients.

Why should someone try Efficient Exercise?

Life is incredibly busy, and we understand that. Efficient Exercise is the perfect fit for people who want to fit a super-efficient half-hour workout into their busy schedules. We offer a highquality workout experience for personal or group training. The amazing client service, the unique equipment, and our “get in, get it done, and get out” approach are all reasons why someone should give us a try. Did I mention that the first workout is always free? So there’s nothing to lose!

Who is your ideal customer?

The ideal client is a time-crunched individual who values his/her health. Oftentimes this falls into two categories: busy working professionals or stay-athome moms – both groups are juggling the demands of a busy schedule.

What brings you the most satisfaction as a business owner?

Empowering the team to help others change their lives brings me the most satisfaction. Seeing others use their strengths and gifts to continue to awaken that in others through their health improvements is nothing short of amazing. We are blessed to see clients grow in all facets of their lives when they are committed and willing to change.

EfficientExercise_logoEfficient Exercise considers itself “Your health and fitness concierge.” The San Antonio studio is located at 19178 Blanco Road. For more information, visit www.efficientexercise.com or call 210-573-6680.

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