DITI Imaging Offers September Sale on Full-Body Scans

Diti Imaging

Digital thermography may be best known as a pain-free breast screening option, part of a regular preventive care regimen. You may not know that full body scans are also available and that they can help detect and monitor certain diseases and physical injuries.

Michelle Hart

Michelle Hart

September is a great time to learn more about full body thermography scans because DITI Imaging is offering $50 off a full body scan. Because thermography detects body temperature in different areas of the body, it can show “warm” areas where blood flow has been redirected, which could indicate a need for further testing or evaluation.

“A full body scan is a way to be proactive, to detect changes from one year to the next,” says Michelle Hart, owner of DITI Imaging. “It’s another tool in the tool box, a safe, radiation-free way to see if something might be going on that they weren’t aware of.”

For more information, visit www.ditiimaging.com, or call 210-705-1232.

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