Disease Prevention: Remove the Insults and Take Care of the Organism for Better Health


by Dr. M.A. “Tony” McRedmond, Jr., DDS

The term “disease” covers a lot of territory. When things aren’t going right with us biologically, we have disease. I don’t know how many diseases there are, but my Stedman’s Medical Dictionary includes a list that’s 11 pages long. Not good news. Question is, when we get into a state of disease, how do we get out?

Maybe a better question is, “How do we get into this state of disease in the first place?” This question is often ignored. Why? Because a remedy or treatment of symptoms is generally more profitable than prevention.

 The fact is, disease is still prevalent, despite the advances of modern medicine and science. There’s infectious disease, gum disease, cavities from malnutrition, degenerative disease, genetic disease and mental disease. Last, but not least, there is environmental disease—diseases caused by the poisons and toxins in our environment. Primitive societies did not have much degenerative disease. They died of infections and accidents. We thought antibiotics would cure the problem of infections, and they did for awhile, but that’s no longer true. Instead, we now have “super bugs.” The reasons for that are long and complex, but the super bugs are here to stay.

What do we do about disease?

Years ago, I posed this question to a very prominent physician. His answer was that there are only two things you can do. Number 1 is remove the insult, and Number 2 is support the organism. That answer is still true today.

How do we remove the insult and support the organism (the organism being our own body)? Preventing accidents is self-evident. Our hereditary disposition is what we have to work with, but we can override that to a great extent. Our familial living patterns can be changed when we recognize that some of them may be detrimental to our health. Our diet, for example, is something we can control, the nutrients we put into our bodies that keep our immune system strong.

There are many ways that we insult our health. Obvious insults include a sedentary lifestyle. Not getting out into the sunlight is another insult. It goes on and on. The long list of insults do not support the organism.

What can we do to “support the organism?”

First, and most obvious, drink clean water. That means no fluoride and no chlorine. Deep well or spring water is preferable. Distilled water is also good. Second, eat organic foods, no matter what kind of food it is. Generally, raw is best. Some foods, however, need to be cooked, like carrots and animal protein. How do we protect against infections? We can make sure that our thyroid is working properly or make sure that we are getting proper thyroid supplementation through iodine. If we don’t have enough iodine, our thyroid is not going to put out enough thyroid hormone to make us resistant to infection.

Personal hygiene and home hygiene are big issues. Avoid sugar because ingestion of refined sugar reduces the ability of our white blood cells to ingest bacteria, which means we are less resistant to infection. Wash your hands frequently. The germs are everywhere, and you cannot escape them. Keep their population reduced as much as possible in critical areas, such as your hands and face.

Maintain adequate vitamin C levels. I take 3 to 10 grams of vitamin C a day.

Last, but not least, MOVE! Exercise! You do not have to become a gym rat or marathoner – just move your body. Work out or exercise until you sweat. That is the consistent advice I get from all of the gurus, mainstream and alternative.

How we live on a day-to-day basis is what determines our general health. If we remove the insults that we are aware of and do simple things to enhance our health, we will increase the quality of our life dramatically, reduce our medical and dental bills dramatically and probably have a more enjoyable life.

The rules are simple. Reduce the insults and support the organism. As always, it is easier said than done.

Dr. Tony McRedmond has practiced general dentistry for more than four decades and has 16 years of experience in biological and holistic dentistry. After a brief retirement, he continues to practice at the office of Matthew F. Daggett, DDS, at 303 E. Hildebrand in San Antonio. For more information, visit www.McRedmondDDS.com or call 210-828-1392.

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