Deficiency & Toxicity: Understanding the Root Causes of “Dis-Ease” and the Remedies Available


Whether it’s weight, digestion, energy, skin issues, pain levels, or some other health complaint, the cause is the same: deficiency and toxicity. These are at the heart of all health issues. Filling the body with nourishing nutrients and getting rid of unwanted waste and toxins will get you on a path to feeling better. We call that an “out-with-the-bad” and “in-with-the-good” philosophy.


The reason we get sick and diseased is we encourage those two core issues, deficiency and toxicity. Disease means what it says: dis + ease = uneasiness in the body. Getting well and staying well is easier than you might think. In the simplest terms, you must eliminate toxins and replace missing nutrients.

If our body’s “terrain” is disturbed consistently, it creates an environment just right for microbes to thrive. These disturbances can include introducing anything that lowers the body’s oxygen levels (such as the use of medications or antibiotics, shallow breathing, lack of exercise, etc.), adrenal fatigue, heavy metal toxicity, injured/sick tissue, exposure to poor diet or chemicals, offenses to our immune system, inordinately raised blood sugar levels, or anything that causes an imbalance in the body’s pH.

Candida Overgrowth

Candida and cancer thrive in this type of off-balance environment. When our friendly bacteria can no longer flourish due to terrain disturbances, it dies off. Once the healthy flora dies off, the candida has no check and balance system, so it grows out of control.

Candida, too, will struggle to exist unless it mutates into a parasite. In this state, it leaves the intestines and moves into one of your body systems. In its new home, it robs precious nutrients and deposits toxic substances that can be very harmful to your body. Candida excretes high levels of toxic waste substances, most of which are alcohols that break down the body’s tissues and cause innumerable symptoms, disease and malfunctions such as leaky gut, disturbed serotonin and hormone levels (especially estrogen and thyroid), poor digestion and elimination, chronic pain, loss of focus or memory, brain fog and more. Ironically, as terrible as it sounds, candida isn’t the core issue. The real root problems are the diet, lifestyle and mindset that create the imbalanced, anaerobic environment in the first place.

Nature’s Support

Nature offers us support through essential oils, which can bring our bodies back into balance. When we combine quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils with some core dietary principles, the results can be amazing. The best known essential oils that can be combined to kill off candida, fungus and parasites are oregano, melaleuca, lemongrass, peppermint and thyme. These oils selectively target microbes that are not supposed to be in the gut. After completing a cleansing protocol, you should use a good probiotic to reestablish healthy flora in your intestine.

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