Curvy Yogis Unite!: Curvy Yoga Workshop At Two Hearts Yoga on Oct. 12


Yoga really is for every body, curves and all. That’s one of the reasons local “Curvy Yogi” Joy Bernstein is offering a Curvy Yoga Workshop from 3-5 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12, at Two Hearts Yoga on McCullough Avenue.

“This workshop is for those who never thought yoga was an option,” Bernstein says. “Yoga loves every body!” The two-hour workshop will provide participants the tools and guidance to learn about their body without the intimidation of being in a regular yoga class.

The focus is creating a healthy body concept that can empower participants to join in future classes. Bernstein will focus on body position and proper body alignment.

TwoHeartsYogaTo learn more, call 210- 459-7023. Two Hearts Yoga is located at 5309 McCullough Ave.

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