by Helene Segura

Even in a drought-stricken area, spring is the time of year when lawns start growing, flowers begin blooming and Mother Nature’s colors pop with vibrancy. Plants, flowers and gardening supplies go on sale, and the thought of having all of that color in the yard becomes alluring. Your weekend schedule changes because you want to spend more time tinkering in your flowerbed or garden. 

Active flowerbeds are nurtured year-round. You need to pull out weeds each week, water on a routine basis and prune to prevent growth from becoming unmanageable. Occasionally, when the soil or weather patterns change, you need to add a little boost of nutrients or modify your mix completely. Sometimes things crop up that prevent you from working in your garden, but it’s easy to bounce back since you’ve made a routine of upkeep.

Staying organized works in much the same way. You can’t leave your home or office unattended for months at a time and expect a beautifully functional result. You need to give your space some TLC on a regular basis. Weed out what is no longer useful. Prune back the amount of items that enter. And when a curveball is thrown your way, step back and figure out what nutrients your space needs in order to get back into the swing of things.

The same gardening analogy can apply to your time management as well. Weed out the non-priority items. Prune back on the number of commitments. When life gets harried and you feel like your calendar is spinning out of control, separate the nutrients from the toxins and drop the latter from your schedule, and your life.

Organization does not happen overnight. It’s a nurturing process; it takes careful and regular cultivation. It’s the culmination of healthy habits that you implement day in and day out. So this spring, as you nurture your lawn and flowerbed, remember to nurture your professional (and personal) life.

HeleneAuthor, speaker and productivity expert Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO®, is the owner of LivingOrder® San Antonio. A Certified Professional Organizer®, she helps stressed out folks regain control of their chaotic living and working spaces. For more information visit or call 210-892-4990.

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