CHOOSING GOOD FOODS: The Choices You Make Directly Impact Your Health


by Dr. Wallace V. Nelson, ND

Today, Americans are facing an unprecedented assault on their wellbeing and way of life. The perpetrators of this assault are the healthdestroying trio of big money processed foods, harmful chemicals that ooze through the products we buy and use, and our own lack of willpower to steer ourselves clear of the traps laid with sweets, soda and tempting junk foods. 

The silver lining of this bleak forecast is that we each have the power to overcome the assault by making just a few simple adjustments to our daily habits. While our unique genetic blueprints play a role in our susceptibility to obesity, diabetes and other disorders, we have more control than we realize. If we can apply the simple steps outlined below, risk factors for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. can be dramatically reduced.

Cast Aside Processed Foods

Processed junk foods have a strangle hold on the standard American diet. They provide very little nutrition compared to whole natural foods. Their concentration of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients is pathetically low. Instead, we find additives, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and many other ingredients that would never be found in your kitchen at home. These foods expand your waistline without building your health. They have contributed to a modern nutritional paradox of a nation of people who are overfed but undernourished.

The fix is simple: Replace these processed foods in your diet with healthy, natural foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy whole grains. While it may be tough to replace all processed foods that you eat, it is easy to begin to replace a few. Start small and build on those successes.


The additives in processed foods, along with thousands of other household chemicals, saddle our bodies with a burden of removing these chemicals that are not beneficial to the health of our bodies. These chemicals are known as “toxins.” Your body is in a constant battle to remove these toxins to make way for healthy nutrients, and to avoid any damage that can be done by their buildup.

Your body was made with its own waste disposal system specifically to handle these toxins, primarily your liver and kidneys. However, your body needs help to deal with the overload of toxic junk. You can give your body the boost it needs by regularly performing a healthy detoxification process. Ideally, you should give your body a thorough detox at the change of each season. Think of it as “spring cleaning” for your body.

Start Small and Repeat

I have found in my years as a health practitioner that most everyone already knows what needs to be done for better health. We all know that natural, fresh foods are better than processed. We all know that getting a proper amount of sleep helps us feel and look better. We all know that exercise is a good idea. The tough part is making the choices to do what you already know is good for you.

I repeat the advice that I gave previously. Start small. Make one good choice today. Follow it up with more good choices tomorrow. Repeat for the rest of your life, and enjoy a brighter, healthier future.

Dr. Wallace V. Nelson, N.D. CNHP is a natural health practitioner living in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is president of The M’lis Company, which was started by his mother, Dr. Linda T. Nelson and produces a line of detoxification, body contour and holistic skin care products. Dr. Wallace Nelson is recognized nationally for his unique approach to holistic health and is a highly anticipated speaker at industry events. He has written many articles featured in a variety of publications and appears as an expert guest on television and radio.


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