Chiropractic and Pregnancy: Proper Nervous System Function Aids Fertility, Pregnancy and Newborn Care


by Dr. Michelle Krenek, DC

About a year ago, Ashley came to my practice with neck pain and headaches. One of the first things I did was explain how chiropractic can help with those issues. During the consultation, I learned that she and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for more than a year and a half without success. I explained to her how chiropractic and getting adjusted would help normalize her central nervous system, increase blood flow, increase oxygen flow and decrease interference.

We started adjusting Ashley and very quickly she was out of pain and feeling awesome – no headaches and no neck pain. Within a month she returned with that unmistakable smile and announced that she was pregnant. She continued to receive adjustments during her pregnancy, and nine months later little June entered the world.

Nervous System Function

Your body is an amazing creation that can accomplish numerous miraculous tasks, including creating new life. These tasks take place under the direction of the nervous system. The nervous system is the master communication system for the entire body. In many cases, fertility issues may be associated with improper nervous system function, poor nutrition, high stress and poor lifestyle habits.

Chiropractors are nervous system specialists, and reducing interference in the nervous system is their primary goal. Keeping the spine properly aligned, clearing the nervous system of excessive interference, and counseling patients in nutrition, exercise and changes to lifestyle make chiropractic one of your best options to help your body function the way it is designed to function.

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Many women seek chiropractic care to relieve neck or back pain that can result from weight gain and altered biomechanics during pregnancy. But even if you’re not in pain, you can benefit from visiting a chiropractor. Chiropractic care during pregnancy maintains, and can even improve, balance and alignment in your spine and pelvis. This can help your baby assume an optimal birthing position and reduce the risk of having a breech baby.

Regular chiropractic care can also provide a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery for both mother and baby. It stimulates the nervous system to enable proper functioning of your reproductive organs, thus supporting the needs of your baby throughout pregnancy and during delivery.

Chiropractic and Babies

When the nervous system, our master controller, has channels that become distorted, we experience many different communication errors. For babies and children, this ineffective communication may present itself as colic or irritability, an inability to suckle and breastfeed, poor sleep, developmental delays, digestion issues, asthma, behavioral problems, low energy, inability to concentrate, headaches, etc. Helping to ensure proper spinal alignment and clearing the pathways for the nervous system to function properly can improve all of these issues for your baby.


DrMichelleKrenekDr. Michelle Krenek owns Back to Life Chiropractic, which opened in 2010. Krenek is a graduate of UTSA and the Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas. She is currently the chiropractor for the WNBA San Antonio Silver Stars. For more information about Krenek and her chiropractic practice, visit or call 210-494-3000.

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