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This month we asked Mark Mazzucca, co-owner of Viva H2O, about the local alkaline water business that he and others started in 2012. Viva H2O recently opened a second location in south San Antonio.

What is your 20-second elevator speech about Viva H20? Our mission at Viva H2O is to provide the purest, most beneficial alkaline water, made naturally. Our water is purified by the industry’s most advanced reverse osmosis system, because ultrapurified water is key when starting the process of making wholesome, natural alkaline water. We are very passionate about our water, and that’s why customers keep coming back.

Explain what you mean by “Water with Power.” “Water with Power” means the healthiest water on the planet for human consumption. It’s living water consisting of antioxidants, alkalinity and minerals that allow the water to capture the energy we desperately need in our day-to-day lives. People who introduce this water to their bodies tell us that our water has power, that it changes their life for the better by reducing pain and suffering.

How do you explain the benefits of alkaline water? Water in a healthy state is alkaline, not acidic like purified bottle water. Our water is nicely alkaline at a 9.4 pH, on average. Our water has the correct blend of alkalinity, minerals and antioxidant levels that make it superior to that of other alkaline waters on the market. Many of our customers tell us that they have seen great improvement from diseases related to pain and inflammation. They say their energy levels increased and their sleeping patterns improved. While we do not make health or medical claims of any kind, alkaline water is a healthful option for people with a variety of physical issues including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, etc.

Tell us about your unique approach to making alkaline water. Our unique approach starts with the ultra-purification process. We use the industry’s most advanced reverse osmosis system. The minerals we use to restore the water are the best-performing and highest quality. They do not contain sodium, as do lesser-quality options in the market. Our unique approach has been developed over years of trial and error and testing and a lot of research and development. The final product is truly amazing.

Is there a growing demand for alkaline water in San Antonio? Yes, it is growing steadily. We have built a wonderful group of core customers who drink our water every day, and that group is growing. As more and more people become informed about the differences in alkaline water versus tap water and filtered water, more and more are coming to Viva H20, which is great because we love helping improve their health, their family’s health and even the health of their pets! What else would you like readers to know about Viva H20? First, we deliver! Our delivery service is second to none. We deliver fresh alkaline water bottled the same day to homes or offices, and our service area is now growing towards Selma, Shertz, Boerne, and other surrounding communities.

Second, we are family-owned and operated. Our first location opened its doors in May of 2012. Our family has had other businesses in the past, but our alkaline water business has truly elevated our passion for helping others.

Third, our water is the only water our family drinks! Our family has certainly experienced positive health benefits; for example, none of our family members take medication any more. We simply could not keep this great news to ourselves. It’s why Viva H2O exists, and we can’t wait to get more of our water to more people in our area.

Mark Mazzucca co-owns Viva H2O, which has two locations in San Antonio: 1042 Bandera Road and 3613 Gevers St. To connect with Viva H2O, visit or call 210-339-2940 or 210-544-3838.

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