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Drs. Jay and Lara Sweeney own San Antonio Family Integrative Medicine in Castle Hills, where they practice functional, integrative medicine, provide chiropractic care and massage therapy. This year Dr. Jay Sweeney added traditional acupuncture treatment to the services available, and he recently added “Microcurrent Electroacupuncture” (think needle-free acupuncture) to the practice.

How did you and your wife (Dr. Lara Sweeney) become interested in functional and integrative medicine? We both became interested in functional medicine about a decade ago because my wife (Dr. Lara Sweeney) began to have the same kinds of symptoms that many of our patients have (lethargy, mental fog, chronic fatigue, insomnia, etc.). When we couldn’t find doctors who could help, we turned to our own medical training and did our own investigation and research to find treatment options. When we discovered the incredible benefits of functional and integrative approaches, we had to share our knowledge with the world. Functional medicine is only a part of optimum healthcare; that’s why we also offer approaches like advanced chiropractic care, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, and medical massage therapy.

You added acupuncture to your practice fairly recently; why did you decide to do that? I have always been interested in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, but due to the crazy demands of life, school and work, I had to put acupuncture on the back burner. Over the past several years, I finally had the opportunity to add that to our practice. I am finding that it has tremendous positive effects with patients.

NA_San_Antonio_01_15_web_Page_14_Image_0003Tell us more about the new “electroacupuncture” treatment that you offer. We are tremendously excited to bring this new advanced technology to South Texas. It is essentially technology that facilitates healing through light. Microcurrent is a form of “electromedicine” that produces a gentle electric current. When the current is applied to cells it encourages them to generate biochemical energy known as ATP; this energy is what makes cells do their jobs – the result is faster healing and rejuvenation. It’s safe technology that is 100 percent non-invasive – no needles, discomfort, swelling or redness – and works in harmony with the body’s natural energy and communication systems.

The new technology also allows you to provide color light therapy. Explain what that is. The use of color and light for healing purposes dates back to early Egyptian times, when prisms were used to break apart sunlight into its various colors that were shined on patients. Modern-day practitioners have discovered that light enters our body through acupoints, points on the body used for acupuncture. The light travels along the acupuncture meridian system like a fiber-optic network, allowing the light photons to interact with our tissues, nerves, organs and cells. Using selected frequencies or colors of light that are applied to the correct places on the body, we can achieve deep, positive change. When this colored light is combined with specific microcurrent, a unique and powerful synergy results that provides immediate and lasting positive results for many patients. Conditions that can benefit include jaundice, depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia and migraines, to name a few.

What should a new patient expect during his or her first visit to your practice? To be asked more questions about their health than they have ever been asked before! I say that with a chuckle, but in many ways that is true. We spend a lot of time with our patients learning all that we can so that we can provide the best care and treatment options possible.

San Antonio Family Integrative Medicine is located at 1931 NW Military Hwy., #204, in Castle Hills. Learn more at www. or 210-340-2150

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