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EDITOR’S NOTE: Life Wellness Center is a relatively new treatment destination in north central San Antonio. We asked Samantha Vez, wellness consultant and community relations coordinator at the center, to share information about the center and the services available.

How do you describe Life Wellness Center to someone who has never heard of your practice before? At Life Wellness Center you’ll find a friendly and caring environment. We are a group of highly trained wellness consultants ready to help you with any physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or circumstantial condition. We use state-of-the-art technology that enables us to adjust the highest levels of consciousness to improve or boost the blueprint of your life so that you can experience happiness, wholeness and the most positive outcomes possible.

All of our services are customized to meet your individual needs, and you will see immediate results with no side effects.

What services do you offer? We offer customized programs that target your specific needs. Our Cuantic System works beyond most of the approaches you may have tried or heard of elsewhere. It doesn’t matter what kind of condition or situation you’re in. Our unique technique and technology greatly improves your condition from the first session; you will feel completely different with a fresh perspective on life.

Your treatment philosophy is based on the Cuantic System; how do you describe the Cuantic System? The Cuantic System is based on quantum physics and quantum mechanics. It’s a revolutionary system using state-of-the-art technology that is exclusive to our clinic; it is not available anywhere else in the San Antonio area. The system creates new neurological pathways, and the result is a total life upgrade that improves your health and well-being. Results are immediate because the Cuantic System enables you to reach the highest levels of consciousness quickly, which makes the treatment process quick and easy.

Who should consider the services that you offer? Our customized treatments can benefit anyone at any age – children, adults and seniors. It doesn’t matter what kind of condition or situation you’re in. We can also help you take your life to a new level, improving your abilities so you are more productive at work or any activity in your routine, improving your emotional and mental states so that stress doesn’t get in your way sabotaging your goals. Our treatments are also for people with any physical illness or condition; this is possible because our approach doesn’t interfere with any medical regimen that you may be following.

For someone who has not visited Life Wellness Center, what is a typical treatment appointment like? Each session with your wellness consultant lasts about 45 minutes. There’s a brief interview followed by a body scanning that provides necessary information that will allow us to work effectively through the Cuantic System approach.

What are the two most important things that you want our readers to know about Life Wellness Center? We want to emphasize that our Cuantic System technology can only be found at Life Wellness Center. Second we want people to know how quickly they can experience positive results; our treatment provides immediate results right after your first consultation.

LifeWellnessCenterLife Wellness Center is located at 10010 San Pedro, Ste. 115. For more information, visit or call 210-251-2060.

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