“Ask the Angels” Events on Jan. 4, 5 Reveal Angelic Guidance: Public Invited to Attend New TV Show Taping Events


“The angels are among us” is a common belief. Many of us “talk” to our angels, seeking guidance and comfort. Local intuitive and psychic counselor Briana Brooks helps people “see” and “speak” to their angels. Known as “The Angel Psychic,” Brooks is a psychic counselor who uses her Divine gift of clairvoyance to help clients receive the messages their angels are trying to communicate.

“I believe that we are all Divinely inspired and that we are sent answers and messages on a daily basis, but we aren’t always open to receiving them,” Brooks says.

Those curious and open to Brooks’ psychic gifts can participate in a unique television event on Jan. 4, 5. On those days Brooks will be taping a new television show called “Ask the Angels,” and residents are invited to participate as members of the studio audience. During the taping, Brooks will give “angel readings” to randomly selected members of the studio audience.

The two tapings will take place at The Playhouse Theater in San Antonio. The Jan. 4 taping begins at 7 p.m. and the Jan. 5 taping begins at 3 p.m.Cost to participate is $10; tickets must be purchased in advance at www.angelpsychic.com.

The Playhouse Theater is located at 800 West Ashby in San Antonio. For more information about Briana Brooks and her event, visit www.angelpsychic.com.

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