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Editor’s Note: Natural Awakenings Readers are unique in many ways. During the holiday season, for example, many readers are more thoughtful about their gift-giving, preferring healthy, planet-friendly options over the plethora of disposable, unsustainable choices. All’s Fair World Gifts offers the unique option of supporting and lifting up small global businesses – it’s a place where you can both feel good about your gift and about supporting small fair trade businesses across the globe. We asked owner Hollye Schwartz to share more about her business with NA readers.

Tell us about the origin of All’s Fair. What is your business and why did you open it?

All’s Fair is a fair trade gift shop, which means the handcrafted items are made from people around the world, probably in a disadvantaged situation, and they were fairly compensated for their work. This also includes food items, such as coffee, tea and chocolate, and the farmers have not been cheated for their crops by a middleman. I opened this store in 2008 to bring more awareness of the concept of fair trade to San Antonio.

What do you enjoy most about All’s Fair?

One of the things I enjoy the most at my store is when a first-time customer comes in and discovers all the delightful, unique items. The phrase I have heard the most is, “It’s amazing how creative these people are!” With 52 countries represented in the store, there is a lot to be admired.

For readers looking for unique gift ideas, what will they find at your business?

The recycled crafts are probably the most unique gifts in the store. There are pull-tab purses from Mexico, recycled wire bowls from India, recycled paper nativities and ornaments from Vietnam, orange peel jewelry from Colombia, recycled fork bracelets from Peru, recycled aluminum can art from South Africa and banana fiber art from Kenya, just to name a few!NA_San_Antonio_12_13_web_version_Page_10_Image_0005

What else would you like readers to know about All’s Fair?

All’s Fair is really more than a gift store. I call it a “Global Awareness Center.” For the most part, the items are arranged by country, so it is like a museum for a trip around the world. Many times I invite a guest speaker from one of these countries to share some of their culture and history with customers. I love to show children around the store and teach them about some of the crafts made from nature. I especially love to host birthday parties or scout groups because we don’t just have fun, we LEARN something new!

All’s Fair World Gifts is located at 2267 NW Military Hwy in Castle Hills. For more information, visit or call 210-979-0087.

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