SA Tomorrow Planning Process Offers Citizens the Opportunity to Help Shape San Antonio’s Future

How do you prepare for 1 million new neighbors? Well, you plan ahead, and you get as many smart, creative people involved as possible. That includes you! You may not be aware that an enormous planning effort is under way to plan the future of San Antonio for the next 25 years, and your input is needed.

SA Tomorrow is a huge effort to create three major community plans—1) the Comprehensive Plan, 2) the Sustainability Plan and 3) the Multimodal Transportation Plan—that will guide the city’s growth and development over the next 25 years. It’s what the city calls “an unprecedented multi-faceted planning initiative to accommodate growth.” Work on these plans began last year, and the effort recently entered the “public input’ phase. Through the summer and into the fall the city will be working to gather as much public input as possible.

Why plan? As you’ve already read, the city’s population is expected to grow by more than 1 million during the next 25 years. That level of growth will impact every aspect of community life and public services. Growth can just happen piecemeal, or we can start planning today, so that we create a more livable, safer, more efficient community as our population and the demand for services and infrastructure grows.

What will each of the plans address? Here’s how the SA Tomorrow website explains each plan:

The Comprehensive Plan – This plan will address land use, urban design and municipal policy to coordinate city resources and incentive programs to accommodate projected growth and provide more choices for future and current residents.

The Sustainability Plan – This plan will focus on the three pillars of sustainability: social sustainability, economic sustainability and environmental sustainability. The plan will include metrics of success that will be tracked and reported.

The Multimodal Transportation Plan – This plan will focus on all modes of transportation including automobiles, transit, bicycles and pedestrians. The transportation plan will communicate the city’s transportation strategy and will serve as a tool to analyze transportation priorities to best meet community goals.

How to get involved: Visit the SA Tomorrow website at On the site you can learn much more about each of the plans. You can also sign up for eNotification about future SA Tomorrow events and input sessions, and you can even provide comments and feedback on all three plans through the site. You can also engage with SA Tomorrow through Facebook at SATomorrow2040.

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