Aging Gracefully: Four Tips for Better Choices, Healthier Aging


by Miriam Figueroa

What is normal aging? Conventional wisdom tells us that we start the slope towards decline as early as age 40. This decline is supposed to include putting on weight, becoming weaker, moving slower and popping more pills. It is estimated by the time we reach our mid 60s the majority of us will be taking at least five prescription medications each day.

 This deterioration of our health shouldn’t be the norm. We have allowed the bar to be set shamefully low for ourselves. Did you know that more than 70 percent of premature deaths are related to the lifestyle choices we make? Perhaps it’s time for a wake-up call.

Healthy, graceful aging is more attainable than you think. If each of us tracks far enough upstream, we will discover that we aren’t broken or defective. Instead, what brought us to the present, to our current state of health, was a series of choices. It was lifestyle choices. It was food choices. So we first had a choice problem; the health problems followed. Fortunately, every moment provides the opportunity for a better choice—it is never too late to focus on your health.

Here are my four simple tips to better choices and healthier, happier aging:

1. Improve Your Nutrition

A healthy lifestyle consists of real food with a variety of enzymes and nutrients. For many people, it also includes adding natural supplements that will help rebuild and strengthen your immune system.

2. Be Active, and Get Adequate Rest

Research continues to show that living active lives results in healthier bodies and more nimble minds as we move through the second half of our lives. Incorporating gardening, yoga or a brisk daily wake into your routine is all it takes. Sleep, too, is vital because that time to recover and recharge supports all physical and mental functions, especially as we age.

3. Take Care of Your Immune System

We tend to forget how overburdened our immune systems are. How can you be well and healthy if your immune system is shot or if it is in overdrive dealing with the impacts environmental chemicals, poor dietary choices, germs and viruses and our own emotional stressors like anger, anxiety, grief, fear or depression? It’s no wonder that auto-immune disorders and chronic, debilitating conditions and cancers are rampant.

4. Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is everywhere, in everything. Salad dressings, canned goods and pretty much all processed foods contain surprisingly large amounts of sugar. In addition to suppressing your immune system, too much sugar can cause insulin sensitivity, copper deficiencies, gallstones, diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis; it can also increase cholesterol, fluid retention and blood pressure.

Aging should be a beautiful process, not a miserable one. When we treat our body right, it will do right by us. Making better choices, healthy choices, holds the key to disease prevention and a long, healthy life.

MiriamMiriam Figueroa, LMT, ET, is a holistic wellness coach and motivational speaker. She has helped thousands of people achieve health and wellness naturally. Figueroa owns Dynamic Detox, which has two San Antonio locations. To connect with Figueroa, visit or call 210-549-4088.

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