ADDRESS YOUR STRESS: Understanding Your Stress and Stored Tension is Key to Better Health


by Sheldon Ginsberg

The truth of being human involves four elements: Our physical body, our mental mind, our emotional energy and our spirituality. True health then, is the balance of these elements. When these elements are out of balance, we experience stress that becomes stored tension, resulting in a variety of health issues.

The demands placed upon us to function in our world and achieve success rarely, unless you are an athlete, require much investment in the physical body. This is true until something happens to interfere with your body’s proper functioning. Then, there is a desire to pay attention to the body and its needs. Pain has a way of motivating us into action.

The “wait until something goes wrong” lifestyle is the nature of our modern world. For example, many of us have for years spent hours each day sitting in chairs, compromising our posture. Our bodies adapt to everything we do. Constantly putting your body in a forwardly flexed position (head forward, shoulders raises and rounded) causes the muscle of the back and neck to lengthen and tighten while shortening and tightening the muscles of the chest and shoulders.

This physical discomfort is made worse by energetically draining work environments, ongoing financial pressures and the ups of downs of daily life. Without thinking, we trust our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ability to ingest these events. While many believe that because they have mentally mitigated these stresses, there is no real cost, our experience has shown us that stress, no matter how small, causes the body to develop muscle tension. Over time, we invisibly ingrain tension in our bodies and minds.

When it comes to managing stress, our body is often left to its own devices. It eventually learns to incorporate muscle tension and postural imbalances as “normal.” Over the course of 14 years, we have observed how many clients believe that their health condition, pain or dysfunction is “natural” to their life, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The body contains its own intelligence that understands how to maintain balance and health. The problem is that we get in the way. We have not been trained to practice techniques that help us balance our lifestyles.

Instead, we allow something like a dysfunctional relationship to cause tension that evolves into discomforts, aches, pains, movement dysfunctions, joint problems, doctor visits, heart conditions, inflammation, insomnia, digestive problems and more.

Your key to healing and health in our modern age is to understand your body’s experiential language. Learning this language helps to break your body’s habit of storing tension.

After working with thousands of people, we have seen how the process of de-stressing is an important life skill crucial to maintaining physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. There are many ways to de-stress and retrain our bodies to handle stress and tension. These can include breathing techniques, yoga, meditation and other forms of focused activity.

Learning this skill develops your ability to address tension from stress before it gains a foothold in your body. You experience what it means to “be present,” which clears your mind. Emotional maturity develops and you attract meaningful spiritual experiences. You then are able to calmly meet life situations while learning to let go of the “small stuff.”

Sheldon GinsbergSheldon Ginsberg is an author, Stress Healing Practitioner, speaker, healer and CEO of the Institute of Energy Based Health, devoted to self-healing products and services. He has been providing DeStress Therapy for more 14 years. Learn more about Ginsberg and ways to de-stress and address stored tension at

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