Achieve Peace: (and Organization!) through Moderation


When I get to the core of my clients’ organizing and productivity challenges, they usually can be categorized into one of three areas: time, belongings and expectations. In all three cases, clients push themselves to the max in each of the areas and end up in stressful situations. Their challenges must be addressed by implementing a big dose of moderation. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “All things in moderation.” That adage is often applied to alcohol (drink in moderation) or to dieting (eat in moderation). If you apply it to other facets of your life, your health will improve, your mind will feel clarity, and you’ll feel much less frazzled.


I don’t have time – I’ve got meetings on Monday and Wednesday evenings, rehearsal on Tuesday, practice on Thursday and a fundraiser on Friday.

The 21st Century is moving at a frenetic pace. If we try to live our daily lives at the same clip, we might just end up screeching to a halt with a meltdown. If you are truly happy trying to wear multiple hats while attempting to juggle multiple commitments and feel like you’re doing a great job at everything, then keep on plugging away. However, if you feel like you’re always rushing from one event to another, not completing any one task well, and you don’t feel happiness, then it’s time to implement moderation.

Suggestion: Concentrate on your most important commitments and remove the rest from your plate.


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We are constantly encouraged to, “Buy! Buy! Buy!” But where should we put it all? If you’re running out of peaceful living or working space, it’s time to practice moderation when shopping.

Suggestion: Think carefully before placing an item in your shopping cart, because whatever you bring into your space will become another decision that you must make and another item that you must maintain.


My house must look like those in the magazines. To be considered a successful woman, I must work, take care of the kids, and maintain the household on my own.

Wow! Those are some high expectations, yet I hear those statements uttered all the time. As women, we put an inordinate amount of pressure on ourselves to take care of our families (without help) and meet unrealistic standards that we feel have been placed upon us. We’re trying to scale Mt. Everest on our own, when climbing Pike’s Peak with assistance is just as respectable an accomplishment for most folks.

Suggestion: When the pressure cooker in which we’ve placed ourselves starts to squeeze the life out of us, it’s time to practice moderation and adjust our expectations. There’s perfection, and there’s reality. For your sanity’s sake, choose the latter. Will moderation bring you peace of mind and help you get organized? Absolutely. Consider the ways that you can practice moderation in your life.

HeleneAuthor, speaker and productivity expert Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO®, is the owner of LivingOrder® San Antonio. A Certified Professional Organizer®, she helps stressed-out folks regain control of their chaotic living and working spaces. For more information visit or call 210-892-4990.

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