Letter from the Publisher

Joel Shuler

Before I became publisher of this magazine, I thought I ate well. Turns out, I was wrong. During the past year and a half, I’ve learned more than I ever imagined about nutrition and functional/holistic/integrative health and wellness. The learning continues, but this issue prompts me to share a few key things I’ve learned. I’m no doctor, so I am not prescribing or even recommending – this is just my short list of lifechanging revelations:

  •  Intestinal health is hugely important. Inflammation in your gut is the root of chronic and autoimmune problems. That’s why I’m off gluten and dairy.
  • You can’t eat enough leafy greens. They enrich, they detox, they heal. Put them raw in smoothies, pick them up in fresh cold-pressed juices, or sauté them and mix with kimchi or other fermented veggies.
  • Regular detoxing is vital. Our bodies are working overtime to eliminate toxins entering through our skin, the air we breathe and everything we ingest. Lemon water each day is a start. I’m committed to at least a two-day detox every quarter.
  • Local and fresh is best. Locally grown produce and grass-fed meats, if you’re a meateater, are best. When you eat fresh (and when the animals you eat are eating fresh), your body gets more nutrients. It’s why I’m a weekly regular at a local farmers market.

Enjoy all of the wonderful, healthful information in this month’s issue. Be sure to share this issue with someone you love!

Joel Shuler, Publisher

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