Articles from: March 2017

Silencing Cyberbullies: How to Defuse Bad Actors


by April Thompson

Whether it’s a damaging rumor posted on Facebook, a humiliating photo shared on Instagram or a threatening text, cyberbullying is increasing among today’s youth. A 2015 Cyberbullying Research Center study of middle school students found that 43 percent had been targeted, while 15 percent admitted to being online bullies.

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Botanical Breakthrough: Oregano Oil Proves a Safe Antibiotic for Poultry


In many large commercial chicken farms, the animals are fed antibiotics to keep them healthy and fight off infections. But due to consumer demand, McDonald’s has eliminated antibiotics used in human medicine from its entire restaurant chicken supply.

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No Benefit to Cutting Fat in Cheese


Anyone who has struggled to reduce the intake of lowdensity lipoprotein (LDL or “bad” cholesterol) may have considered avoiding saturated fat in their diets, although the latest metastudy published in the Annals of Internal Medicine now refutes this.

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Hello Gyro: Workouts Use Natural Body Patterns


by Aimee Hughes

“Imagine an exercise system that strengthens the body enough to be used in training world-class athletes, stretches more safely than any form of yoga and expands the core training concepts of Pilates into natural full-body movements like those used in everyday reaching and walking, along with jumping and swimming.

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Kids Going Online at Bedtime Sleep Poorly


A new study from King’s College London has found that children’s use of electronic devices close to bedtime can reduce their chances of a good night’s sleep. Researchers examined 20 existing studies encompassing 125,000 children between the ages of 6 and 19.

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Holistic Eye Care: Taking the Whole Body into Account


The “old wives’ tale” about eating carrots for healthy vision wasn’t wrong, but fell far short of a holistic approach to eye health. Today’s holistically trained healthcare providers and ophthalmologists believe that properly maintaining the marvelous phenomenon of eyesight requires taking into consideration genetics, diet, toxin exposures, life environments and our belief systems.

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SNACK TIME: 4 Superfood Snacks to Start Eating Today

by Gregory Luna

Superfoods are foods and drinks that pack the most powerful nutritional punch. They are high in nutrients and provide big benefits to the body. Here are four paleo-friendly snacks that are easy to purchase, relatively inexpensive and extremely satisfying to the body.

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Stress and Fatigue Abate with Combo Supplement


A study from Dijon, France, found that a specific nutrient .combination supplement can help reduce feelings of anxiety and tiredness. Researchers studied 242 subjects between the ages of 18 and 70 who complained of stress and fatigue.

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DHA Boosts Elder Brain Function


Researchers from Tianjin Medical University, in China, have discovered that regularly taking docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) improves brain function in older adults with mild cognitive impairment.

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Toxic Crops: Oil Wastewater Irrigating California Fields


In the nation’s produce basket, some California water districts are knowingly selling oilfield wastewater to farmers, putting a huge portion of our fruits and vegetables at risk of contamination.

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