Articles from: May 2016

BREAST HEALTH: Thermography Can Assist With Early Detection


by Joel Shuler

Pink ribbons, pink socks, pink armbands and an assortment of pink clothing and paraphernalia have a singular meaning to most women over age 40: Schedule your annual mammogram. For all women, breast health is important, as every woman living today has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime.

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Stressed-Out Pets: Natural Ways to Calm Fear and Anxiety


by Sandra Murphy

While most American pets live on easy street, with meals, treats, exercise outings and affection provided, the good life also poses challenges—dogs and cats can get stressed. “Basic stress is fear-based. Separation or isolation anxiety requires in-depth training,” says JennaLee Gallicchio, a certified separation anxiety trainer who uses scientific and handsoff techniques at her All Stars Dog Training, in Bedminster, New Jersey.

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45th Annual Texas Folklife Festival Celebrates Lone Star Diversity, June 10-12


In 1972, San Antonio resident O.T. Baker had a spark of inspiration and a whole lot of dedication to re-create in the Alamo City the folklife festival he had attended in Washington, D.C. Through Baker’s hard work, and assistance from many, the Texas Folklife Festival was born. Today, 45-years later, it still brings together people from across the state to celebrate what it means to be Texan.

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CREATING A PLAN: Building a Comprehensive Financial Plan Starts with Understanding your Current Financial Position


by Ramiro Marmolejo

Physical wellness and financial wellness often go hand in hand. When you feel that your financial life is out of balance, it’s hard to feel balanced physically or emotionally. That’s why having a well-rounded financial plan is so important. One of the most important foundational elements of a financial plan is your current financial position. You’ve got to realistic and honest about your current financial situation before you can make the right adjustments and move forward toward a more secure financial future.

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Love Community Gardens? Become a Community Garden Mentor! Attend Training on June 9


The Community Garden Program, promoted and supported by the Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas, depends on community garden mentors to keep neighborhood volunteers organized and to act as liaisons between the neighborhood group and the alliance. The alliance is looking for new gardening mentors and hosting a Garden Mentor Training class on Thursday, June 9. The two-hour training class will focus on what it means to be a mentor, how to apply individual skills to assist volunteer garden groups and how to act as a liaison between the neighborhood group and the Green Spaces Alliance.

Potential mentors should like gardening and working with diverse groups of people, support neighborhood beautification and have good organization skills. They should also have experience managing physical materials, and be willing to make a time commitment anywhere from three hours every week to once per month, depending on the garden’s needs.

NA_SA_05_16_Web_Version_Page_09_Image_0006The Garden Mentor Training will take place from 6-8 p.m. at the Green Spaces Alliance office, 4902 Broadway, Ste. 211. For more information, visit www.greensatx.

Red Clover Guards against Menopausal Bone Loss


A 12-week study of 60 menopausal women in Denmark has found that red clover halted bone loss and bone mineral density reduction. The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled research, sponsored by the Aarhus University Medical School and Hospital, tested the women over a three-month period.

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Help Fight Hunger By Participating in the Ford River Walk Lucky Duck Race on June 4


Pick your lucky ducks and help fight hunger during the Ford River Walk Lucky Duck Race and Concert on Saturday, June 4. Adopt a single duck ($5), Quack Pack (6 for $25) or Family Flock (25 for $100), and watch your ducks race down the river for a chance to win a two-year lease on a Ford Fiesta.

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Hormone Health: Focus on the Core Elements of Good Health, and the Essential Oils that Help Support Those Core Elements


by Ashley Stone

Many people do not realize how important hormones are to their physical and emotional health. There are more than 200 hormones in the body performing hundreds of different jobs. Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers; they travel in your bloodstream to communicate with organs or tissues.

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Coney Island Comes Alive at the McNay Museum’s Annual Spring Cocktail Party on June 3


Experience Coney Island in fabulous San Antonio style at the McNay Museum on Friday, June 3. The occasion is the 8th Annual Spring Cocktail Party and Silent Auction, benefiting the McNay’s educational, exhibition and conservation endeavors. Guests are invited to slip on their best boardwalk attire for a night of games, sideshow acts and musical entertainment. The evening will provide popular Coney Island delicacies and cocktails and a chance to win items from the city’s best restaurants, boutiques, sports and entertainment businesses during the silent auction.

NA_SA_05_16_Web_Version_Page_10_Image_0003The Coney Island boardwalk festivities begin at 7 p.m. on Friday, June 3, at the McNay, 6000 N. New Braunfels. Tickets are $100 per person; for more information about the museum and the event, visit

Farmers for Gardens Feast at Sustainable, Organic Farm Benefits Green Spaces Alliance on May 27


Foodies, locavores and the charity-minded are invited to feast in style at a special dinner, the Farmers for Gardens Feast, celebrating the local bounty of farmers, ranchers, local brewers and wineries on Friday, May 27, at My Father’s Farm, a certified organic farm in Sequin.

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