Articles from: December 2015

PLAN AHEAD: Time to Lace Up Your Running Shoes to Prepare for the 2016 Alamo Run Fest, Feb. 21


For both novice and die-hard runners, a half marathon (13.1 miles) is an attainable goal, and there’s still time to build up and prepare for San Antonio’s premier local running event: the 2016 Alamo Run Fest, taking place on Sunday, Feb. 21. The event includes half marathon, 10K and 5K distances, so there’s a distance option suitable for every local runner.

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Post-It Progress: 3M Requires Paper Sources to Meet Sustainable Standards

A new sustainability policy by the 3M Corporation, maker of Post-it notes, has drawn support for its goal of making a minimal impact on forests, wildlife and human rights. 3M paper-based products and packaging require pulp and paper from sources around the world.

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Choosing the Perfect Pet: Not Just Any Dog or Cat Will Do


by Sandra Murphy

The old line, “He followed me home, can we keep him?” used to get a kid a dog or cat of his own. In today’s homes, it’s not that easy. Choosing a pet is a personal choice not to be taken lightly nor made on another person’s behalf. A surprise pet is a bad idea.

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People Double Up on Calories After the Holidays


Despite the popularity of New Year’s resolutions, scientists have found that post-holiday food shopping decisions don’t necessarily reflect intentions to eat healthier or lose weight.

Scientists from Cornell University tracked resolutions and after-holiday food shopping habits of 207 families. They classified about 20,000 food products as either “healthy” or “less-healthy”.  Calories and dollars spent were also tracked.

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Parent Tips for Managing Holiday Stress


How To Reduce Stress and Enjoy the Holiday Season as a Parent to a Child with Special Needs

by Brain Balance Achievement Centers

Every parent feels extra stress during the holiday season. At this time of year, you have to find a way to add extra shopping and holiday events to your schedule. Parents who have children with neurobehavioral disorders like ADHD or Asperger’s Syndrome often experience even more stress.

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Meditation Linked to Telomere Integrity in Cancer Patients


Maintaining telomere length has been directly linked to longer lifespan in a number of studies. A telomere is the structure at the end of a chromosome that protects it from deteriorating or fusing with other chromosomes. Its length is being used to measure the potential success of integrative therapy for recovering cancer patients; now University of Calgary research has found that mindfulness meditation helps.

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No-Bake Festive Vegan Desserts


Teresa Cutter’s Healthy Christmas Puddings

Yields: 6 to 8 small puddings

8 oz fresh pitted dates—approximately 10 to 15 dates, depending on their size

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SWEETLY VEGAN: No-Bake Holiday Treats Worth Celebrating


by Judith Fertig

“Visions of sugar plums” have been part of holiday mindsets since the advent of Clement Moore’s classic 19th-century poem commonly known as ’Twas the Night Before Christmas. We love to give and receive special treats and our tastes are evolving.

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Sharon Salzberg on Mindfulness: Simple Ways to Be in the Present Moment


by April Thompson

New York City-born Sharon Salzberg experienced a childhood full of loss and upheaval, losing her parents and living in five different household configurations. In college, she discovered the power of meditation to transform suffering and cope with life’s never-ending changes.

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Uncommon Devotion: Religion in America Shows Resilience


On any given Sabbath, four of 10 Americans travel to a place of worship, a number that hasn’t fluctuated dramatically in the past half-century. Gallup polls report that more than 81 percent say they identify with a specific religion or denomination; 78 percent say it’s an important part of their lives; and 57 percent believe that religion is able to solve today’s problems.

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