Articles from: November 2015

Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipe for Calming the Mind and Nourishing the Heart


by Christanne Spell

Lily Bulb is a commonly used herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This herb has a cooling and calming effect on the body and specifically targets the heart and lung meridians. This herb is considered to have a tonic effect on the body and has the ability to moisten the lungs, which suppresses a cough. It also calms the heart and mind.

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Grateful for EVERYTHING: Create an Attitude of Gratitude All Day Long


by Mary Lynn Ziemer

The secret to happiness and finding the enduring joy we all seek is Thanksgiving—the simple act of continually giving thanks. To realize wonderful positive outcomes, up to and including seeming miracles, do one thing: Show gratitude all day long. Seeing everything in a new light, through a refreshing prism of love and appreciation, imparts a deep inner well of peace, calm and joy, making us feel more alive.

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Nourish and Heal Your Skin with Essential Oils


by Ashley Stone

Being careful about what we put on our skin is as important as what we put in our mouths. Essential oils are best known for their beneficial and therapeutic aromas, but they can also be beneficial for many skin ailments. They have many beneficial soothing and healing qualities that can help with blemishes, wrinkles, burns and other skin conditions.

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Dangers in the Cosmetic Bag: Choose Safe and Healthy Natural Beauty Aids


by Kathleen Barnes

We all want to look and feel beautiful, often enhancing our best features with assistance from cosmetics. Yet many of us may not be aware of the toxic ingredients contained in products we’re using. “When the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act was passed 77 years ago, it contained 112 pages of standards for food and drugs, and only one page for cosmetics,” says Connie Engel, Ph.D., science and education manager at the Breast Cancer Fund and its Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, in San Francisco.

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Save Your Holiday Shopping for the McNay Extravaganza on Dec. 8


Skip the mall this holiday season, and plan a special shopping trip to the McNay Museum instead. The Holiday at the McNay and Shopping Extravaganza takes place Tuesday, Dec. 8. Grab a sparkling cocktail, munch on hors d’oeuvres, and listen to classic holiday songs performed by the Trinity AcaBellas.

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Holiday Tradition: Tamales! at Pearl on Dec. 5


Don’t let the holidays pass you by without enjoying a tamale or two at the historic Pearl Brewery on Saturday, Dec. 5. The annual tamale festival at Pearl began in 2010 and has become a San Antonio tradition. It’s a celebration of food, music and culture that the whole family can enjoy.

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Smiley Faces: Shared Laughter Creates Happier Workers


Researchers Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock and Joseph A. Allen have written in the Journal of Applied Psychology about their research into the effect of group humor on workers by studying the behavioral patterns of 54 real-world teams from two businesses.

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Monsanto Pushback: More Countries Ban Toxic Roundup


Countries are gradually banning the use of Monsanto Roundup herbicide around the world as a danger to the environment and human health, and Bermuda is one of the latest to join the ranks.

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GIFT IDEA! 2016 Texas Hill Country Calendar Showcases Stunning Photos of Natural Texas Landscapes


The annual Hill Country Calendar published by the Hill Country Alliance does not disappoint. Each year the calendar displays winning photos from hundreds of entries, photos that highlight in spectacular fashion the unique qualities of the Texas Hill Country that are worth preserving for future generations.


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Having Gratitude Yields More Happiness than Having Things


Two studies from Baylor University have confirmed that materialism can lead to feeling less satisfied with life, while a sense of gratitude reverses some of the negative effects of the pursuit of things. The research, led by Professor James Roberts, Ph.D., included questionnaires sent to 246 marketing students from another university, focusing on happiness and satisfaction with a 15-minute survey that included a 15-point materialism scale.

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