Articles from: August 2015

Families Touched by Autism Can Connect and Learn at Backyard Social on Sept. 12


The Autism Community Network of San Antonio invites families and friends touched by autism to come together for a backyard social on Saturday, Sept. 12, at MoMak’s Backyard Malts and Burgers. The Connecting Families Touched by Autism Fall Backyard Social is intended to be an educational and fun event that gives parents, caregivers and family members a chance to connect, receive helpful information and have their questions answered by experts and medical professionals with the Autism Community Network.

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Juicer Heroes Moves out of Its Original San Pedro Location and Into the Elevate Life Wellness Center

Juicer Heroes

Juicer Heroes recently bid adios to its original location in a former Popeye’s on San Pedro and moved a block or two up the road into the Elevate Life Wellness Center at 15701 San Pedro, behind Discount Tire. Combining high-quality nutrition through fresh pressed juices with the wellness center’s exercise, educational seminars, chiropractic, whole-body wellness and functional medicine services makes the enhanced Juicer Heroes/Elevate Life location a one-stop health and wellness destination.

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Weight-Loss Support from Essential Oils


You may be surprised to learn that essential oils provide a great natural way to regulate normal metabolic function to help you lose weight. Here’s why:

  • Essential oils are inherently detoxifying and can effectively help deal with hunger and cravings.
  • They can reduce the root causes of overeating such as stress, depression and anxiety.

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Qigong Healing and Universal Oneness: Interview with Jeff Primack, Founder of the Qi Revolution Conference


Editor’s note: This is the second part of Kathy Rivera Wallace’s interview with Jeff Primack, a qigong teacher who founded Qi Revolution to introduce the practice to large groups across the U.S. Primack’s Qi Revolution will be at the Houston Convention Center Aug. 22-25.

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Celebrate the Fall Equinox During Festival at Crystal Mystic on Sept. 26


Twice each year, the lengths of day and night are roughly equal, and we call these celestial events the spring or fall equinox. This year the traditional seasonal ending of summer occurs on Sept. 23. The Crystal Mystic will celebrate the event by hosting a Fall Equinox Festival on Saturday, Sept. 26.

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Animal Talk: They Have Lots to Say If We’d Only Listen


by Sandra Murphy

Brave New World

In less than 10 years, we’ll see a universal translator for communicating with dogs and cats, predicts Con Slobodchikoff, Ph.D., professor emeritus of biological sciences at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Just like language apps change, for example, a French phrase into English, the device would translate barks into “Put on Animal Planet,” or meows to “Feed me tuna.” Computers will foster better understanding between humans and animals.

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International Association for Near-Death Studies Hosts Its Annual Convention in SA Sept. 3-6


The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is an educational non-profit organization that focuses on providing the highest quality information on near-death experience-related subjects. The association hosts its 2015 conference in San Antonio Sept. 3-6 with the theme of “Explore the Extraordinary: Near-Death Experiences as Rites of Passage.”

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FIGHTING FIBROMYALGIA: A Whole-Body Approach Can Provide Lasting Relief and Restored Health


by Miriam Figueroa

Fibromyalgia, once thought of as an invisible disease, is becoming increasingly more common. An estimated 5 million people, more than 80 percent of whom are women, suffer from the package of painful and debilitating symptoms known as fibromyalgia. These people often don’t look sick, and as a result they are often accused of fabricating their symptoms by family, friends and even physicians.

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Museum Day Live on Sept. 26 Offers Free Admission to Four Local Museums


In the spirit of the Smithsonian Museum, which offers free admission every day, Museum Day Live is a unique opportunity to visit participating museums around the country. Museum Day Live, supported by Smithsonian magazine, takes place on Saturday, Sept. 26, and four local museums are participating, which means admission to any of the four will be free on Sept. 26.

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Collaborative Family Law


Editor’s Note: It’s an unfortunate fact that roughly half of marriages end in divorce. The process of formally dissolving a marriage can be incredibly difficult for both adults, and for any children involved. We were intrigued by the concept of collaborative family law, a formal legal process that offers a “healthier” approach to divorce, so we asked Bill McNaught, a collaborative lawyer and owner of the McNaught Law Firm, to help educate us about this approach to divorce.

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