Articles from: April 2015

Young Gardeners and Naturalists Will Love Summer Camp at the Botanical Garden


Yes, we want to slow down and enjoy these fleeting spring days, but it’s not too early for parents to focus on summer camps for youngsters. If you have a little one with a green thumb or an interest in bugs, birds and local mammals, summer camp at the San Antonio Botanical Garden might be perfect for your budding gardener or naturalist. Camp options generally fit three age ranges: 3-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-12 years.

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Thriving Eco-Towns: Malaysian Villages Model Sustainability


Innovations being successfully pioneered in Malaysia offer ideas for improving the world, according to the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), including the construction of high-tech, self-sustaining ecological “smart” villages. These villages are lifting incomes for scores of rural families while promoting environmental sustainability.

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Local Toxins Increase Risk of Autism


Confirming previous findings, a large study from the University of Chicago has found that autism is linked to toxic environmental exposure. The research examined data from nearly a third of the U.S. population, which showed that both autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities increased as exposure increased in region-by-region testing. The research measured clusters of autism incidence together with exposure rates in different counties and states across the country.

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Make Friday Nights Your Night to Eat Raw at One Lucky Duck


Raw Food Destination at Pearl Now Offers Friday Evening Dinners

“Raw” isn’t everyone’s favorite word when it comes to Friday night dining. But Noah Melngailis, owner of One Lucky Duck at Pearl, knows how to make raw cuisine delicious. Unsure? Spend a Friday evening enjoying a multi-course meal created by Melngailis, who recently began offering Friday evening dinners by reservation only. “We have access to so many incredible recipes with my partnership with my sister (raw vegan celebrity chef Sarma Melngailis), I thought it was a shame to not use them, so the dinners were born,” said Melngailis.

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Emotional Healing with Essential Oils


by Ashley Stone

Emotional issues from childhood, including trauma, stress, fear, anxiety and anger, can create energetic imbalances that have profound effects on health and well-being. Left unchecked, unpleasant emotions eventually move into the physical body as symptoms of a disease or illness. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine are trained to identify and address these imbalances in the energetic body before they became physical illness. You may be surprised to learn that essential oils can be used to help release these unpleasant feelings before they have a chance to create physical discord.

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MINDFUL EATING: Eating with Full Awareness and Attention Can Improve Your Health and Your Relationship with Food


by Julie A. Jarzombek

“I hate food… but I love food.” How did we get to this love-hate relationship with food? From my professional experience, the answer is we often eat mindlessly.

As readers of this magazine know, mindfulness promotes balance, choice, wisdom and acceptance of what is. Practicing mindful eating can help you redefine your relationship with food, so that food becomes simply what it is: fuel for your body.

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Dogs with Library Cards: Kids Love Reading to Animals


by Sandra Murphy

The goal of Reading Education Assistance Dogs (READ), launched in Salt Lake City in 1999 as part of Intermountain Therapy Animals, is to improve children’s literacy skills with the mentoring help of certified therapy teams. Its reach has spread through library programs across the U.S. and Canada and internationally, with other therapy groups following suit.

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CLEARING TOXINS: Chinese Medicine Points to Medicinal Foods to Help Eliminate Toxins from Our Bodies


by Julie Jin

Disease and illness have a number of causes, but two primary causes are bacteria and toxins within our body. Clearing the body of toxins is an important part of achieving and maintaining good health. Eastern and Chinese medicinal philosophy believes that healthy foods are the best medicine. Foods can be both “medicinal and edible,” and unlike pharmaceutical medications, fresh, healthy foods have no side effects and do not add toxins to your body.

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Stroll on April 18 to Support the San Antonio Birth Collective Mama & Baby Expo Follows a Week Later on April 25


The San Antonio Birth Collective invites you to “wheel, waddle or wear your baby” during its April 18 Strollathon at the Voigt Center in Hollywood Park. Families can participate in a 1-mile walk to raise money to support the birth collective, which provides pregnancy, childbirth and parenting classes for mothers and their partners, regardless of financial status.

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MASTERING THE MARTIAL ARTS: They Build Health, Character, Inner Peace


by Eric Stevens

Few words are as oddly coupled as martial and arts. The first means “relating to war and soldiers,” while the second means “something that is created with imagination and skill, and is beautiful or expresses important ideas or feelings.” All martial arts represent a paradox of push and pull, yin and yang, external and internal.

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