2015 RESOLUTION REVISITED: Learn to Lose Weight the Right Way, through a New Way of Thinking about Weight and Wellness


by Miriam Figueroa

If you are like many people in the San Antonio area (and across the U.S.), one of your resolutions for 2015 was to lose weight. Now that a month has gone by, how are you progressing? Again, like most people with this resolution, you may have discovered that losing weight and keeping it off can be much harder than you thought.

Cycle of Defeat

Here’s what happens to many people: In January they throw out their junk food, get a gym membership and/ or follow a rigid calorie-restrictive diet. Within somewhere between three days and three weeks, the new routine dies, and defeat settles in. Old patterns and behaviors come back and continue throughout the rest of the year until another new year comes around, a chance to reset the goal and try again – it’s a cycle that repeats year after year.

I am excited to tell you that you can break this failing and defeatist cycle TODAY! I will also tell you that you can achieve your weight-loss goals faster than you thought, without trying to live on a mouse-sized number of daily calories.

Shift in Thinking

What I’m talking about is a new way of thinking about weight loss, a transformational shift from focusing on pounds and clothing size to focusing on optimal health and wellness, a focus on a truly healthy lifestyle. This mind transformation takes you away from focusing on pounding out miles and reps, sweating it out in a gym; it takes away the myth of achieving a fantasy body type by starving your body of nutrients. It’s about turning away from the myriad of quick fixes and embracing a new way of thinking about (and living) health and wellness.


The first step is detoxification, surfacing and eliminating the poisons, toxins and waste that have accumulated in your body. Many people who have heard of detoxification don’t realize that it’s a first step taking off, and keeping off, excess weight. In my practice, my clients are often shocked by the pounds that come off during a detoxification program; most lose 2-8 pounds through the elimination of toxins and waste from their digestive tract.

There are many detoxification options. I recommend a detox program that is more than a colon cleanse, one that cleanses the whole body – liver, kidneys and tissues. A sluggish digestive tract full of accumulated waste can cause the belly to look puffy and distended. There is usually a lot of inflammation associated with this as well, which contributes to a weak immune system and the potential for a host of chronic diseases. Our body’s natural defense is to store toxins in our cells, often in fat cells; this is the body’s way of keeping harmful toxins away from vital organs. This is why a total body detox is so important, why it’s important to consider a program that will remove the toxins at the cellular level.


People who complete a 15-45-day detoxification program often feel exuberant, better than they’ve felt in years. This is due in part to the variety of nutrient-dense foods – fruits and vegetables, lean, healthy proteins and good fats – they consume during their detox.

Fortunately, what often happens after a thorough full-body detoxification program is the cravings for processed junk and the desire to overeat melt away. This is because your body prefers the nutrition you’ve been giving it; plus, with the toxins out and the nutrients in, your mind is clearer, you have more energy and everything about your life physically and mentally feels so much better.

When you focus on a true lifestyle change, weight loss becomes just one of the many positive results. I’ve worked with clients who have lost as much as 30 pounds in 30 days through a detoxification and subsequent dietary changes, but the weight loss wasn’t the focus – the focus was on creating a new, sustainable healthy lifestyle. It’s the resolution that works.

MiriamMiriam Figueroa, LMT, ET, is a holistic wellness coach and motivational speaker. She has helped thousands of people achieve health and wellness naturally. Figueroa owns Dynamic Detox, which has two San Antonio locations. To connect with Figueroa, visit www.dynamicdetoxqueen.com or call 210-549-4088.

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