Articles from: October 2014

Ask a Subject Matter Expert: Ashley Stone, Nutrition and Health Coach


Q: What is the difference between dried herbs and essential oils?

Dried herbs and essential oils are derived from many of the same plants. Both can be used for medicinal, culinary and therapeutic purposes. However, there are some important differences between the two.

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Conservation Covenant: A Greener Future for National Parks


National parks have an undeniable environmental impact on the very lands they seek to preserve. Yellowstone’s managers have been working on ambitious management goals to elevate it to be a world leader in environmental stewardship and become one of the greenest parks in the world by 2016.

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REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE… RESCUE!: Many Area Agencies Seek Loving Homes for “Recycled” Pets


by Jeanne Strauss

If you are thinking about bringing a new pet into your home, consider the fourth “R”: Rescue. There are thousands of abandoned, stray or neglected animals in San Antonio shelters. Some are in danger of euthanasia because no one will step up to give them a new home. 

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The Sun’s Electrifying Future: Solar Power is a Worldwide Eco-Goldmine


by Linda Sechrist

Energy Engine    

Humankind has sought for centuries to harness the sun because the cumulative energy of 15 minutes of its rays shining on Earth could power the world for a year. Following the invention of the solar collector in 1767, a slow, yet steady evolution of other breakthroughs in the quest have included the photovoltaic (PV) effect, observed in 1839, invention of the first solar cell in 1954 and a solar-powered communications satellite in 1958.

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BookCellar at Central Library Offers Affordable Treasures for Book Lovers


One of San Antonio’s best kept secrets is the San Antonio Public Library’s BookCellar in the basement of the Central Library, 600 Soledad Street, downtown. Books sold are both new and used. Hardback books are generally $1, paperbacks 50 cents.

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Easing School Stress: Managing Classroom Stress is Important for Children with Learning Disorders


Provided by Brain Balance Achievement Centers and Dr. Zach Petter

Children with neurobehavioral challenges such as ADHD, processing disorders, dyslexia and other learning disorders often struggle with greater school stress than do neurotypical children. Generally, kids with learning disorders want to excel in school and socialize in a typical way, yet they lack the tools to do so.

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Clever Collaborations: Renewables Gain Ground Worldwide


Excess heat from London subway tunnels and an electric substation will soon be funneled into British homes, slashing energy costs and lowering pollution, according to the Islington Council. Germany’s renewable energy industry has broken a solar power record, prompting utility company RWE to close fossil fuel power plants that are no longer competitive.

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HORMONE HEALTH: The Key to Hormone Balance May Be a Healthy, Toxin-Free Lifestyle


by Dr. Linda T. Nelson

In mainstream medicine, hormonal symptoms (PMS) and menopause are seen as a hormonal deficiency, for which routine treatment is synthetic hormonal replacement. Hormone health does not depend on using toxic doses of synthetic drugs to suppress symptoms. Like any aspect of health, hormone health is linked directly to providing your body the optimal nutrition, exercise, stress control and detoxification that it needs to produce and metabolize hormones properly.

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SA Museum of Art Is Now a Let’s Move! Museum


National Initiative Focuses on Getting Kids Moving, Healthy Eating

The San Antonio Museum of Art is officially a Let’s Move! Museum. That’s a fitting designation for one of the city’s most popular destinations for lovers of art and creative expression. Let’s Move! is a national initiative started in 2010 by First Lady Michelle Obama to get kids moving and eating healthy foods.

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Fight the Flu, Disease with Chiropractic


by Dr. Michelle Krenek

Chiropractic care to ward off the flu? It may surprise you that chiropractors have quite a bit of experience helping patients prevent and battle the flu and other viruses and diseases. According to the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA), chiropractic played a large role in helping to treat patients during the 1917-18 influenza epidemic, which caused the death of an estimated 20 million people throughout the world, including 500,000 Americans. Chiropractic’s success in caring for flu victims during that epidemic led to the profession’s licensure in many states.

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