Articles from: March 2014

COMMON SCENTS: Fragrance Chemicals Are Nothing to Sneeze At


by Barbara McNeely

Ah, the sweet smell of fragrance. Who doesn’t love them? Me! I’ve gotten migraines from fragrances since I was 16. It started with just one perfume, but the list grew. As more and more of them were added to the list, I began to suspect that there was something common to all of them that triggered my migraines. Today, I avoid fragrances, perfumes and any product that might contain them. You might too, if you knew what I know.

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TAROT NOW: The Page of Cups Signals Opportunities to Connect and Renew


by Kathleen Smith

Spring is here, bringing relief from winter and the anticipation of new adventures and new connections. The pages in the Tarot deck are the harbingers of new opportunities coming up, and of second chances to feel good, proud and confident, whether at work or at play. 

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Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine


by Jennifer Trimmier

Spring cleaning is a necessity in most homes, a time to dig deep into the bowels of closets and storage rooms to rid the home of unwanted clutter and wipe away the dust and cobwebs. The concept of “spring cleaning” can apply to our bodies, just as it applies to our homes. Spring cleaning your fitness routine means cleaning off the “dust” that has gathered on your monotonous exercise regimen. 

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Essential Oils: Learn the Healthful Benefits of Adding Lemon Oil to Your Diet


by Ashley Stone

Have you ever squeezed the rind of a lemon and had that wonderful lemony aroma linger on your hand afterwards? You have just experienced an essential oil! Plants create essential oils to protect themselves; in essence, essential oils are part of a plant’s defense system. The oils protect the plant from things like predators and unfavorable conditions within their environment.

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Tour Several Community Gardens By Bicycle During SicloVerde on April 5: Green Spaces Alliance Hosts Two-Wheeled Event


Green Spaces Alliance is hosting its second annual SicloVerde bicycle tour on April 5. The two-wheeled tour will visit eight community gardens spread across 14 miles through San Antonio’s city streets.

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Healthy Digestion: Chiropractic Helps Digestion By Supporting Your Central Nervous System


by Dr. Michelle Krenek, DC

What helps your body digest all of the healthy food you are eating? It’s a trick question; you know that digestion is an amazingly complex process involving numerous individual organs, glands, muscles and chemicals that your body creates to help the process. You may not realize that the “glue’ holding all of the pieces together and helping everything operate smoothly and on time is your central nervous system, your brain and spinal cord. 

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San Antonio Celebrates Earth Day on April 12 at Woodlawn Lake


Woodlawn Lake will be the “green” place to be on Saturday, April 12, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., as the community gathers to celebrate Earth Day. The event will feature entertainment stages, food (healthy and vegetarian) and beverage booths, tree-planting demonstrations, a 5K run, and workshops and seminars demonstrating various energy and conservation ideas and techniques.

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Explore a Graduate Degree in Integrative Medicine at Austin’s AOMA School, April 4-6


AOMA Offers Advanced Degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

If you’ve ever been interested in studying integrative medicine, the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, just up the road in Austin, offers a worldclass array of degrees and programs. You can learn more about their master’s-level and doctorate-level programs in acupuncture and Oriental medicine during their “Explore AOMA Weekend” April 4-6 at their Austin campus.

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Running Tips From iRun’s John Ruibal


Why does my GPS read 3.35 miles after my last 5K?

As more and more runners use GPS technology, this is becoming a common question. Race courses are measured by following the “tangents” of the course. Tangent is measured in straight-line distance. In a nutshell, this means that if you tend to run the curves, moving quickly to the left or right after a turn, you are probably running farther than the course distance. 

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GLUTEN-FREE ON THE GO: Safe Eating Away From Home


Although following a diet without gluten has become easier due to increased availability and labeling of gluten-free foods, we still need to know how to make sure which foods strictly qualify. We always have more control in our own kitchen, yet we’re not always eating at home. Natural Awakenings asked experts to comment on reasons for the demand and offer practical tips and tactics for healthy eating on the go. 

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