Articles from: February 2014

Leon Valley Hosts 25th Annual Earthwise Living Day March 1

A quarter century is a long time to host a “green” event in San Antonio, but Leon Valley has done just that. The community is celebrating its 25th Annual Earthwise Living Day event on Saturday, March 1, at the Leon Valley Community & Conference Center Complex. The Earthwise event begins at 9 a.m. and continues until 2 p.m. Admission is free, and the event will feature more than 40 earth-friendly exhibitors. 

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Save the Date: Culinaria 5K Wine & Beer Run Returns March 22


Billed as the “only event where it’s acceptable to run and WINE,” Culinaria’s signature 5K event returns Saturday, March 22, to The Shops at La Cantera. It’s an event that attracts thousands of runners, due in part to the unique post-race gathering that includes plenty of signature wines and beer, together with dishes prepared by local chefs. 

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GET OUTDOORS! on March 1


Free Event at Mission San Jose Focuses on Local Outdoor Recreation Options

Join the San Antonio River Authority and National Park Service—San Antonio Missions National Park—for the 6th Annual Get Outdoors! Event on Saturday, March 1, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. This free event at Mission San Jose will help educate participants on ways they can take advantage of outdoor recreation in the local area. 

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STRESS HURTS: Stop the Stress Cycle and Experience Less Pain


by Dr. Jason Garrett, DC ACP

According to the American Psychological Association, American Institute of Stress, 77 percent of us regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress. Considered one of the leading causes of illness in the U.S., a large percentage of symptoms presented in doctors’ offices are stress-induced or related. While you can’t expect to do away with stress altogether, it is possible to keep it under control, to stop the cycle and start experiencing relief by making simple lifestyle changes and exploring non-medical treatment options.

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Hill Country Veteran on a Mission to Help Fellow Vets Heal from PTSD

Kevin Taylor

The Art of Healing From War – Free Book Now Available to Vets

Kevin Taylor is a Navy veteran whose seven minutes of combat trauma in 1988 dramatically altered the next 20 years of his life. On July 3, 1988, Taylor was serving as an air radio controller aboard the USS Vincennes in the Persian Gulf when an unidentified Iranian jet began closing on the guided missile cruiser. Taylor was the controller who attempted to make contact with the plane multiple times, to no avail. 

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Plastic Bag Ban for San Antonio: Coming Soon?


by Loretta Van Coppenolle

You may recall that San Antonio launched its voluntary pilot program for reducing and recycling plastic bags in July 2011. The city hoped for a 25 percent reduction in plastic bags taken from stores and a 25 percent increase in plastic bags recycled.

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HIDDEN TOXINS: Why Wrinkle-Free Doesn’t Mean Chemical-Free


by Barbara McNeely


Toxins that can be harmful to your health are everywhere. They’re in our air, our water and also lurking in places you might not suspect. For example, did you know there are toxins in your wrinkle-free fabrics? They are actually treated with a resin that releases formaldehyde to reduce wrinkles. 

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Cardiac Care for Pets: How to Keep Little Hearts Humming


by Dr. Shawn Messonnier

Symptoms that suggest a dog or cat’s heart is not pumping effectively include coughing and fatigue from light exercise. Before the signs are evident, it is far better to check for heart disease during regular twice-yearly visits to the veterinarian. Using a stethoscope, a skilled doctor can pick up telltale heart murmurs during the examination. 

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Yoga and Ayurveda for the Heart


by Patricia Wickman

The heart is an organ of perception, says psychotherapist, herbalist and teacher Stephen Harrod Buhner. Buhner explains that at the formation of a heart, a few pacemaker cells start beating and that other heart cells start to join in, like members of a marching band, until all the cells are beating together. 

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Run From the Heart: Tips to Rekindle Your Love of Running


by John A. Ruibal

Has your running become stale, or has it become a chore to put those running shoes on and hit the pavement? Sometimes we have to get back to the basics and remember why we enjoy this sport. Try these simple tips to get back the passion you have for running.

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