Articles from: November 2013

ALLERGY RELIEF: Cutting-Edge Allergy Treatment is Nothing to Sneeze At


by Barry Smeltzer, PA-C

For many local residents, November marks the beginning of the dreaded fall and winter allergy season. With the high ragweed, assorted pollens, mold, mountain cedar, elm and a whole host of other allergenic weeds, grasses and trees, many of you are already suffering and seeking relief.

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FOOT MILEAGE: What is the Odometer Reading on Your Running Shoes?


by John Ruibal

One of the first questions I ask when a runner has concerns about injuries, feels tightness or has just a little pain in a joint or muscle is, “How many miles do you have on your running shoes?” Many people don’t realize that running shoes have a limited mileage; after a certain number of miles, the cushioning breaks down, which can leave you vulnerable to soreness and injury.

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THE GIFT of GRATITUDE: Lessons in Gratitude Sometimes Run You Over


by Rudi Harst

“To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.” – Johannes A. Gaertner

The cute little puppy that we gave our son for Christmas last year has grown into a sweet but solid 45-pound bundle of muscular energy. Zoe is pretty docile 95 percent of the time, but she can really move when she gets excited, which is what happened recently when she and I strolled out to the mailbox together. Suddenly, she saw a squirrel and went dashing past me, smashing into my legs and bowling me over. That hurt!

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5 Easy MIS-Steps (to Avoid!): Quick Ways to Become a Type 2 Diabetic


by Dr. Michael Boss, DC

To make just about any physical or cosmetic improvement, there’s at least one list of “easy steps” to quick success. For this article, I thought I’d jump on the “easy step” bandwagon, but with a twist. But because there are really no true “quick and easy steps” to health and wellness, I’m giving you a list of “easy MIS-steps” that can put anyone on a “quick and easy” path to Type 2 diabetes. So, to avoid becoming a Type 2 diabetic, steer clear of these five MIS-steps:

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WATER WOE: Fluoride in Our Drinking Water May be Doing More Harm Than Good


by Dr. Paul Wilke, DDS

Don’t drink the water. It’s a phrase we commonly hear when we travel to a third world country, but in this case I’m referring to San Antonio’s public water supply. Wait, you say, doesn’t the Alamo City have some of the best water in the country? Yes, it did. That was before the citizens voted to add fluoride into our pristine water from the Edwards Aquifer in November 2000. (1)

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Digital Detox: Unplug to Cut Stress, Up Success


Whether it’s extreme texting, tweeting, Googling, posting or blogging, the phenomenon of being caught in the web of the Web is real. Rationalizations range from coping with today’s information overload to fear of missing out (FOMO). Yet, detriments of such continual digital connectedness range from the stifling of family and social bonds to a lack of life skills that only face-to-face communication fosters.

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Constipation Equation: It’s No Joke When the End of the GI Tract Needs a Little Help


by Jason Gourlas, PA-C

This is not the most pleasant subject, but we’ve all been there. Constipation affects millions of Americans each year. We spend over $700 million a year on laxatives alone, and more than a million prescriptions are written annually for medications to treat constipation.

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Safer Sleep: People and Planet-Friendly Fire Retardants


An ultrathin film that consists of polymers found in crustacean shells could be an environmentally friendly alternative to the flame retardants used in bedding and sofas. Mattresses and furniture cushions are typically made of highly flammable polyurethane foam; to meet fire safety guidelines, manufacturers treat the foam with fireretardant chemicals. 

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Stalking the Self: An Indigenous Way to Self-Awareness & Responsibility


by Hal Robinson

Native teachers have taught me through stories how to live in this world in a peaceful way. This is my personal story and maybe a “teaching story” about learning from someone I call “enemy.”

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Table Label: Chipotle’s Identifies GMO Ingredients


Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not require the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GM or GMO) used as ingredients in any food, the Chipotle Mexican Grill national fast food restaurant chain has chosen to do so, on the way to eliminating them from its menu altogether.

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