Articles from: June 2013

Testosterone Replacement: Why Hormone Replacement Therapy Might Be Right for You by Elizabeth Keller

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Testosterone has definitely gone mainstream. Watch the national news any evening and you’ll likely see evidence of that in one or more commercials. But what are these commercials “selling,” and who needs it? Most testosterone marketing is focused on hormone replacement therapy or HRT. It’s actually “bio-identical” hormone replacement therapy because the replacement is an identical twin of the hormone produced in the human body.

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Home Range: Restoring Native Prairies, Yard by Yard

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From Canada south to Texas and from Indiana west to Colorado, nearly 600,000 square miles of grassland once contributed to this continent’s complex ecosystem, supporting a diverse and teeming web of life. Today, less than 1 percent remains intact.The good news is that farmers and residents have been making inroads toward restoring this native landscape, converting suburban yards and rural fields to expanses of tall grass and fallow pastures that welcome native species. 

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Hot Stuff: New Technology Increases Solar Efficiency

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There is huge potential in solar power, but our current methods of capturing the sun’s energy are limited as widely used silicon solar cells approach their theoretical limit of 33.7 percent efficiency. Now a Princeton University research team has applied nanotechnology principles to incorporate a design that significantly increases their efficacy.

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Tech Trash: Recycle All Electronic Products

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With the average American household owning 24 electronic devices, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) estimates we are annually producing nearly 3 million tons of e-waste. Tube-type TVs and computer monitors contain lead, while cell phones harbor toxic mercury, cadmium, arsenic and brominated flame retardants, all of which can leach from landfills into groundwater. 

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A Father’s Love is Critical

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Based on 36 studies from around the world involving more than 10,000 participants, researchers at the University of Connecticut, in Mansfield, concluded that a father’s love contributes as much—and sometimes more—to a child’s development as a mother’s love. The critical importance of fatherly love to a youngster’s healthy development provides added incentive for men to become more involved in nurturing child care.

Source: Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Flavonoids Protect Men Against Parkinson’s

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Findings published in the journal Neurology add to a growing body of evidence that regular consumption of flavonoids, found in berries, teas, apples and red wines, can positively affect human health. 

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Fruits and Veggies Can Help Us Kick Butts

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The first long-term study on the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and smoking cessation offers good news: Eating more healthy produce can help smokers quit the habit and remain tobacco-free longer.

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iRun, You Run, We All Run to iRun’s New Store at Bitters & 1604!

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If you’ve been to iRun’s Stone Oak store, you know it’s one of the best destinations for serious runners, both newbees and longtime asphalt pounders. If you haven’t stopped by in a while, here’s a great incentive: iRun is opening its second store at Bitters & 1604, a great new location to reach and serve an even larger contingent of San Antonio runners.

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Camp Eco.logic Offers One-Day Workshops this Summer for Green-Focused Teens

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Know a high school student who’s concerned about the global environment and who wants to make a difference? Camp Eco.logic has the perfect summer workshop! The uber “green” camp is hosting two oneday workshops July 22 and 27 for eco-friendly teens who want to learn more about global climate change, explore solutions and create real-world action plans.

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HEALTHY COMBINATION: Vegeria and Revolucion Coffee + Juice Team Up to Spread Healthy Fare

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What happens when two social and health-focused businesses team up? How about more healthy, delicious choices at both locations! That’s what’s happening due to the recent partnership between two Broadway eateries.

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