NEW INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CLUB: Elevate Life Opens One-Stop Shop for Your Health, Fitness and Nutrition Needs


First, you rush over to pick up a fresh, cold-pressed juice, then you shuttle over to your chiropractor’s office for a quick adjustment before you speed over to your yoga studio, arriving five minutes late. You’re stressed out, and your “downward dog” is pooped. It’s a health-focused routine, but it’s laden with stress. Here’s a potential solution: the Elevate Life Integrative Health Club, a health and fitness club that offers everything you need (and much more!) in one place.

It’s a difficult destination to describe. It’s a gym, chiropractic office, massage studio, specialized workout facility, yoga studio, family medical practice, coldpressed juicer bar (courtesy of Juicer Heroes), healthy food vendor (featuring prepared meals by The Fit Kitchen), and much more all in one conveniently located destination. There’s even a Kid’s Korner for busy moms.

“We see so many of our customers on a daily basis rushing in and rushing out to get to four or five places,” says Drew Taylor, president of Juicer Heroes, which started Elevate Life in 2012. “Offering all of these health-focused products and services in one location is a way to support our customers as they do their best to live a healthy lifestyle – it’s a way to help them elevate and simplify their lives.”

Taylor says the new health club also allows a team of experienced health, nutrition and fitness experts to customize programs that produce the best possible results. “We don’t want to just offer results – we want to guarantee results,” he says. “And this concept, this facility, enables us to do exactly that.”

The Elevate Life Integrative Health Club is located at 15701 San Pedro, right behind Discount Tire. For more information about the new Elevate Life Integrative Health Club, visit or call 210-999-5463 or 210-490-2223.

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