Pre-K Education Linked to Better Health 26 Years Later


In addition to an increased likelihood of achieving academic success, children that participate in gamebased educational training also have a significantly lower risk of developing future cardiovascular disease, according to University of North Carolina researchers in a paper published this year in Science magazine.

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Learn to Create a Youth Garden at Your School: Educators’ Training Course Takes Place Sept. 6


If you’re interested in starting a gardening program in your school or community, the 2014 Fall Youth Gardens Educators’ Training on Sept. 6 is the perfect way to learn how to get started. The program, presented by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, is designed especially for teachers, educators and volunteers and will teach participants how to begin a youth garden and how to enhance an existing youth garden.

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Solar Trash and Recycling Compactors Debut At Local Parks


Four local parks recently received new green solarpowered trash and recycling compactors. The 11 compactors were purchased by the city’s Office of Sustainability with the help of a $75,500 grant from the Alcoa Foundation. As the compactors fill up, they regularly compact their contents.

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Joel Shuler

September is here. How I love those three words. September always brings so many new beginnings – fall, school, football, to name a few. I always feel like, “Whew! I made it!”

What an issue! You hold in your hand a pretty phenomenal package. This September issue includes 16 information-packed articles, eight of which are contributions from local subject matter experts and practitioners.

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Healthy Tips for Lunchboxes: Sept. 20 Workshop Designed to Help Move Fresh Foods from the Garden to the Lunch Plate


It can’t be time to think about school lunches yet! Oh, but it is. Fortunately, the Green Spaces Alliance is hosting a fun workshop that’s intended to help everyone prepare healthier school lunches. “From Garden to Pantry to Lunchbox” is a workshop happening Saturday, Sept. 20, at the Diabetes Education Garden, 701 S Zarzamora.

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Siclovia Returns Sept. 28!


San Antonio’s day to “play in the streets” returns to Broadway on Sunday, Sept. 28. Between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. several miles of Broadway will be temporarily car-free, opening the street to runners, walkers, bicycles, skates, scooters and all manner of human-powered transportation.

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RUNNER’S “HI”: Women and Social Media Revolutionize the Sport


by Debra Melani

Whether donning colorful tutus or making a marathon a girls’ day out, the current running scene is attracting a broader group of fitness-seekers mindful of the enhanced benefits of a more well-rounded approach. Rather than pursuing fierce competition and personal bests, these runners are focusing on social bonding and overall well-being, likely boosting their fitness success.

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Ren Shen (Ginseng) is a Staple Herb for Chinese Medicine Practitioners

by Kai-Chang Chan

Ginseng is an important traditional Chinese herbal remedy. It is one of the most popular natural tonics and has been shown to possess many intriguing health properties including a protein anabolic effect, anti-tumor activities and an inhibitory effect on tumor angiogenesis and metastasis.

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FALL CLEANING: With a New Fall Schedule and the Holidays in Sight, Now’s a Great Time to Clean Out and Get Organized


by Barbara McNeely

August is a great time to clean up and clean out. A new school schedule is about to start, and the holidays are within sight, so your kitchen is a great place to start. Maybe this describes your kitchen space:

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SCREENING CONCERNS: A Recent Study about Mammograms Raises the Question: Are They More Harmful than Beneficial?


by Loretta Van Coppenolle

Earlier this year, in February, news broke of a large 25-year-long British Medical Journal study that showed no benefit from mammography for women aged 40 to 59. The death rate from breast cancer or other causes in Canadian women who had mammograms and those who did not was the same.

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