Eco-Beach Blast: Sustainable Ways to Enjoy Sand and Surf


When eco-conscious families hit the beach this summer, there’s more to be aware of than just picking up trash like drink containers, wrappers and found litter. Here are some other ways we can enhance our beach and water experiences while upping fitness benefits.

Rising water levels and severe weather events have damaged coastlines, so extra care is needed. When setting up a beach spot, stay away from sand dunes and pockets of beach grass that serve as natural defenses against beach erosion. Also watch out for marked-off turtle hatching spots; prime nesting season is May through October, according to the nonprofit Turtle Conservancy. Teach kids not to chase birds.

Walk around shorebirds to cause minimal disturbance; it’s stressful dodging danger during meals and wastes precious energy stores. Walking on soft sand is like a weight-training workout, as detailed in Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee’s Barefoot Walking book.

Polluting chemicals enter waterways via fertilizer and industry runoff and accidents like the BP Gulf oil spill; don’t contribute more by using sunscreen that contains oxybenzine, which reportedly alters hormone function. The Environmental Working Group ( maintains an online guide of safe sunscreens. The Huffington Post also suggests that we can make our own by mixing zinc oxide (a sunblocking agent), coconut oil (soothes and conditions skin), beeswax (for waterproofing) and tea tree oil (soothes and repairs skin and smells good).

The same care applies to chemical hair dyes, shampoos, conditioners and straighteners. Patronize clean, green salons that use natural hair treatments free of synthetic chemicals, ammonia or para-phenylenediamine (PPD). Or search “nontoxic hair care” online.

Plan a visit to coincide with a public volunteer beach cleanup event. Check with national organizations like Keep America Beautiful ( and local or countywide groups, as well as social media sites for group activities.

Osteopathy Alleviates Low Back Pain


More than 600,000 people undergo surgery for back pain every year, yet back surgery is often unsuccessful. Safer manual therapies provide a viable alternative, according to recent research. A study of 455 people with low back pain found that osteopathic manipulation therapy (OMT) helped with their symptoms.

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Signs That You’ve Found Your Calling


by Lissa Rankin

You may think you’ve identified your calling, questioned it, become disillusioned, left it and then come back to it in a different form. The following clues let you know you’re on the right track. You realize you’ve been training for this since birth.

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RETIREMENT PEACE OF MIND: Having a Plan Is Key to Ensuring You Are Able to Reach Your Retirement Goals


by Ramiro Marmolejo

We all look forward to the day when we decide to retire from our careers and enjoy the farewell party, cake and begin a new chapter in our lives. Have you planned for your retirement? It can be difficult, because trying to imagine what your retirement will look like is harder the further you are from your retirement date.

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Energy Drinks Harm the Heart


In addition to alertness, energy drinks may also trigger abnormal heart rhythms and increased blood pressure. Researchers from the School of Pharmacy at the University of the Pacific, in Stockton, California, tested 27 healthy adults.

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Explore the Power of Reconnective Healing During Training Workshop in Austin Aug. 19-23


Dr. Eric Pearl is the founder of Reconnective Healing (RH), a comprehensive option for life progress in overall health, balance, spirituality and wholeness. For more than 20 years, Pearl has been traveling the world, serving alongside the global community as an ambassador for this evolutionary movement in health care.

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ZEN GOLF: Master the Mind to Master the Game


by Aimee Hughes

“I remember the moment I had what I call my ‘golf game epiphany,’” says Steve Hughes, a passionate golfer from Richmond, Missouri. “I realized that my main obstacles were in my head, and from that day on, my golf game changed.”

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Fish Fried: New Numbers Confirm Global Overfishing


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has been collecting reports for decades on how many fish are caught in the oceans annually. However, those numbers don’t take into account small-scale, recreational and illegal fishing or the bycatch that’s discarded before boats return to harbors.

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Learn about Statewide Health and Wellness Resources at the It’s Time Texas Summit, Aug. 1, 2


For health and wellness advocates from across the state, San Antonio will be the place to be on Aug, 1, 2, as more than 1,000 health champions and thought leaders participate in the It’s Time Texas Summit, the state’s premier healthy communities event.

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Integrative Family Medicine Welcomes Integrative Nurse Practitioner Lynda Sherland


Dr. Simone Norris, founder of Integrative Family Medicine, recently welcomed a new integrative practitioner to the practice. Lynda Sherland, APRN, is an integrative nurse practitioner who is now seeing new patients at Integrative Family Medicine. Sherland received her nursing degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston in 1982 and received her master’s degree in nursing in San Antonio in 1999.

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